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HilaryYoungwrote a review of on February 3, 2012

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SOOOO cool.i bought a pair of Smiths about 14 yrs ago in Colorodo,for cycling and running,but I ive in Ohio.They are fantastic as far as changing lenses,although I've gone through many dark lenses(like 4) as they scratch a lot.I've also lost and found them a dozen times. I needed a new pair since my Oakleys( a yr old )are not interchangeable lenses.Anyone who cycles knows you need those kind of lenses since we go out in all kinds of weather.It makes a huge difference when your out for hrs. and it's overcast,being able to pick lenses according to the weather.
I just wore them for the 1st time yesterday and they were great.They were a little snug with my head warmer
and helmet on ,but hopefully I won't need full face mask in about a month!