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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

I love this cam.
This is my 2nd Contour cam, 1st being the ContourHD and I really like the upgrades. Now all my friends ask me to get their speed down the slope and since I got 2 cams. I use the pole mount for my ContourHD to get closer and different angles while skiing down slopes or hitting the park.
It's really cool that it comes with a waterproof case.

The Contour cams are easy to use and with Contour+2 its even easier. just slide the button forward and you are recording.

I am much happier with the Contour+2 than the ContourHD due to the GPS and how much easier it is to use.

Got 2 friends with the GoPro cam and they hardly use it, I use mine all the time. Really like how easy it is to mount and how sleak it look on top of the helmet, and not being a huge box high up over the helmet like the GoPro.


5 5

The pole mount is great for adding a new angle and/or get closer to friends yet keeping a safe distance.

Only mount I don't like is the goggle strap mount. On or off the piste, it make my Contour+2 bounce and wiggle.

The rotating flat surface mount was great until I forgot I had the cam ontop of the helmet skiing in the woods. I'm greatful it broke and not the camera.