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4 5

I should start off by saying, I'm bias towards Catlike. I have always found there helmets to be impressive looking. I kept thinking I'd pick one up over the past few years, but continued to ride with my Giro. After browsing about for a while, I found several on sale, including Competitive Cyclist's. So I popped on it. Having missed out on other sales, I didn't give myself the chance to miss this one. I know CC has a strong returns policy, so I trusted in them and ordered my size (large) in white.

What I discovered when I put on the helmet was not what I had thought for the years before. I was not impressed. Well, I was impressed with the weight. It really did feel like I didn't have any weight on my head. The fit was not for me though. Not even necessarily the circumference, but the way it sat on top of my head did not inspire confidence. The front of the helmet would sit just below my average hair line on my forehead. It felt like it was sitting far to up to offer protection in the event of an over-the-handlebars stop. Fortunately, I didn't find out if it would have offered that protection. Instead, I opted to return it. There is no sense in using an ill-fitting helmet no matter how wicked it looks. This expensive lid would have just been sitting on my wall waiting for a trade for a Kask. Again, helmets are a personal matter. Take from this review what you will. I didn't crash with it, or even ride with it. I can't attest to it's protection features. I did sit with it on in the living room for a few hours, but just couldn't justify the fit for the cost. I'll always admire the Catlike looks on others, but I found it is just not for me, unfortunately. Maybe the Whisper would fit, maybe (?).

-Looks (for some)
-Venting (didn't ride with it on, but I felt any breeze that blew while I tried it on for hours)
-Various thickness pads
-Easy adjustment dial

-Looks (for some)
-Doesn't fit every head (but what helmet does?)


Natural, smoothness. Ideal drink mix.
5 5

Omso hydration mix. I've read all about it almost a year ago, and then finally found them on sale (during the TdF) and went with two containers: one in each flavor. I was mostly intrigued with trying the Blackberry, but figured I'd get a bottle of the orange just to compare it with the Skratch in a blind taste test. Both Osmo mixes provide a good, subtle taste. You get the taste without being blasted with flavor or sugar - which I find is ideal on a ride. Personally, I find both flavors to be great, but I lean towards the blackberry when I need a pick-me-up or when I'm going for a fun ride. I just prefer it. Orange is such a common flavor and so it's hard to impress me with an orange sports drink. No doubt the blackberry will be ordered by me again. As far as downsides go, the Osmo rarely goes on sale, which is disappointing. I'm a bargain kinda guy. I dislike paying full price for anything. In that regard, Skratch takes the cake. It seems every two months or so, Skratch is on sale, which means when it comes to sports drinks, Skratch dominates on my rides. Plus the wide array (and expanding!) of flavors is encouraging.

Now to that blind taste test: I poured 8 oz of room temperature water in two glasses and labeled one glass "A" and the other "B". I then did the math to figure out how much mix should be used in each glass and then had my brother mix them in random glasses while I was out of the room. The flavor was orange. After sipping from both several times, I found it hard to tell the difference. The Skratch had a more Airborne taste (vitamin product). Not terrible, but it was my first thought. Keep in mind, I've used several Skratch exercise mixes throughout the year, so I had some experience with the taste. Overall, I selected the Osmo during the blind test, but unless it's on sale, my bottles will be full of Skratch.

-Subtle taste
-Easily digestible

-Rarely on sale (I'm a bargain hunter!)
-Subtle taste (could be a con for some)
-Not many flavors


5 5

I took a chance on a box of these in Lemon. Never had them before. They turned out to be my favorite riding food. I don't ride often, so it took me a while to finish the box. Now they are back on sale and I'm picking up some more - this time I'm trying the new Gingersnap flavor.

The Lemon was easy on my stomach. So much so I could eat one (and did) right before a long run and didn't feel bad during the run from eating. Considering how woozy I was getting, it was a great thing I had one with me that day.

The waffle itself is great. Apart from being individually packaged and ready to stuff in a jersey pocket for consumption miles from home, they taste wonderful and feel like actual food, instead of slurping down gels. I like gels, but real food is better. I'll save the gels for later in the ride.

Additional bonus: They're marvelous consumed with coffee as a sweet snack.


5 5

These are some fantastic cold weather gloves. I wear them on any cold ride. It makes me look forward to a cold commute. I have enough space inside to add an additional, thin runners glove to add more warmth if needed. The gloves are not cumbersome enough to mess with shifting or braking, in fact, they're not cumbersome at all. The grip is very grippy, especially on the first few rides. I was sticking to the hoods. Not in a bad way. I'd highly recommend these. I might even purchase a second pair on sale.


5 5

This vest is a great product. On some unseasonly warm winter days with heavy winds, I'll dawn this over a short sleeve jersey and be absolutely fine (about 50*F with 25 MPH wind). I'm 5' 9", 148 pounds distance runner build. The small is a good fit in the chest, but the arm holes are a tad to big. The tall neck collar is great. The zipper will occasionally not go all the way to the top, which can be bothersome. This is my first wind vest, so I can't say I have much experience with others. I can say, I'm very pleased with this purchase. It's proved its use so far. I purchased the screaming yellow/black for visibility. It certainly is bright. I wear it on my commutes at night.