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I took a chance on a box of these in Lemon. Never had them before. They turned out to be my favorite riding food. I don't ride often, so it took me a while to finish the box. Now they are back on sale and I'm picking up some more - this time I'm trying the new Gingersnap flavor.

The Lemon was easy on my stomach. So much so I could eat one (and did) right before a long run and didn't feel bad during the run from eating. Considering how woozy I was getting, it was a great thing I had one with me that day.

The waffle itself is great. Apart from being individually packaged and ready to stuff in a jersey pocket for consumption miles from home, they taste wonderful and feel like actual food, instead of slurping down gels. I like gels, but real food is better. I'll save the gels for later in the ride.

Additional bonus: They're marvelous consumed with coffee as a sweet snack.


5 5

These are some fantastic cold weather gloves. I wear them on any cold ride. It makes me look forward to a cold commute. I have enough space inside to add an additional, thin runners glove to add more warmth if needed. The gloves are not cumbersome enough to mess with shifting or braking, in fact, they're not cumbersome at all. The grip is very grippy, especially on the first few rides. I was sticking to the hoods. Not in a bad way. I'd highly recommend these. I might even purchase a second pair on sale.


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This vest is a great product. On some unseasonly warm winter days with heavy winds, I'll dawn this over a short sleeve jersey and be absolutely fine (about 50*F with 25 MPH wind). I'm 5' 9", 148 pounds distance runner build. The small is a good fit in the chest, but the arm holes are a tad to big. The tall neck collar is great. The zipper will occasionally not go all the way to the top, which can be bothersome. This is my first wind vest, so I can't say I have much experience with others. I can say, I'm very pleased with this purchase. It's proved its use so far. I purchased the screaming yellow/black for visibility. It certainly is bright. I wear it on my commutes at night.