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I've had these sunglasses for over 3 years now and have worn them for half of those days. I have a small face and small nose bridge and these fit great. I've smashed them flat and bent them back into shape, lost nose pieces and Smith will gladly send you replacements for free. They have excellent customer service. The only thing I can find wrong with these is that the plastic from the ear pieces is hard enough to wear a noticeable line into the inside of the lenses when the arms are closed. They are also excellent for touring as the lenses sit far enough away from your face to increase breathability and decrease fogging.

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After debating on which tail light to buy, I chose the Mars 4.0. I see many lights out there but this one is by far one of the brightest. Lets just say if you had to you could attach it to the front in an emergency and it would provide enough light to creep home with at night. The only thing I'm not to keen on is that the light will slide out from the bracket however it tends to not lock in the best so I'm afraid I might lose the light. Pros is 20 hours on blinking mode, 2 on constant.