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I'm on my second pair of these. My first pair wore out after 2 very full seasons of riding. These are so comfortable, that I wear them *every* time I go riding. I'll take them off if the climb is super long, but most of the time I wear them door to door. I love the confidence they give me for playing around on the trail! I've gone to my knees a couple times with these things on and they've done a great job of protecting me. They still look pretty good despite the falls.

I'm a little guy. My upper thigh measures 17.5" and my calf measures 15". The small size fits me perfectly and the pads never slip.

The first generation of these pads retailed for $150. I bought them at full retail and they were worth every penny. They're a steal now that they're down to $100 in my opinion.


4 5

I ordered this pad intending to use it on my first generation Toyota Tundra. As other users have mentioned, it's made for the newer trucks that flair at the top of the tailgate. I certainly could have made this work on my truck, but, it wasn't quite right. Additionally, I like to be able to throw my topper on my truck while leaving my pad on. Because of the extra material in the top of the pad, the glass on the shell would not have closed.

Pretty cool setup for one of the newer pick ups without a topper. Not ideal for the 'ol ones.


5 5

I used a 15mm wrench on pedals for years. I was swapping some pedals on a buddies bike. (Who shall go un-named, as he is of the "fix it (only) if it totally breaks" mentality. Long story short, I ended up breaking my Craftsman wrench trying to loosen one of his pedals. I picked up this wrench a few weeks later. It had enough "oomph" to break loose the old pedals. It's such a simple tool, but it's super nice to have!


3 5

Fit: My knuckle circumference is 8.75" According to the sizing chart, this makes me a medium. I was skeptical, and I ended up ordering both a L & an XL pair. I couldn't get my hand into the L, so I ended up keeping the XL's.


Nice and light. Hands stay cooler in these than in any other gloves.
Durability is better than expected from feather weight gloves.
I should get 50+ rides out of them.
Fits like a, well ... a glove! (They really do fit like a "second skin." Great feeling.
Excellent grip on ODI lock-ons.


The lack of a velcro closure makes a surprisingly big difference. The first day I wore these gloves I ended up tearing one of the seams a bit. This was due to user error, you can't just slam your hands in these things. You've got to carefully work your hands into them. I stitched up the seam and they've been fine for the last 25+ rides.

I'll buy POC gloves again, but I'll be looking for a pair with the velcro closure, like these:

Super lite & breathable.


5 5

I've was just recently turned onto these things and they're killer! I seam to digest them super quick which means fast energy for my hummingbird metabolism. At a buck fifty per package I don't hold back. Call me a redneck, but I really like to just keep one in my lip or cheek for climbs on the bike or skintrack. Seams to take the edge off somehow. I'm addicted to these little things. They're super tasty and at this price, it's an addiction I can afford.