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Awesome, I can't say enough. I've been meaning to get a pair of 5.10's for a couple of years, but was always put off by the fairly wide fit throughout their product range. These were rumored to be narrower, and ended up fitting my narrowish feet very well. I haven't tried any other 5.10's, but these run a bit short as well. 11.5's are usually my size, but my toes bumped against the end of the shoe initially. Now that they are broken in , they seem to be just a bit roomier however, with toes no longer bumping.
These are easily as sticky as I need for lift-served and shuttle based gravity riding, and provide great protection and comfort. They pedal well, and are broken in after one day riding Downieville.


5 5

If you are looking for a hard-shell knee and shin guard, look no further.

These provide awesome protection with great fit. Ventilation is top-notch for this kind of armor, with vents penetrating through the plate and padding underneath. At speed, you can actually feel the cooling breeze on your shins.

I have gone down hard at rocky Plattekill a couple of times with these, with no rotation or slippage. Last weekend I rode 30 miles of "pedaller's downhill" at Downieville and they couldn't have been better--great articulation for the pedalling, perfect protection from glancing blows when I came too close to stumps and rocks at warp speed, ZERO slipping or rotation, and not too hot in 90+ degree weather (without the calf-protection).

For reference: I am 6'2" with a 32" inseam wearing the size Large. The padding comes down to within 2" of the top of my shoe (5.10 Freeriders), with the plate ending an inch short of that. I ride gravity fairly fast and aggressively, but not at race speed.


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I am 6'2" with a 32" inseam, and these did not provide enough coverage for my taste. They end about 4" short of my shoe, with the hard-shell plate only covering part of the front of my leg, with almost no coverage of any kind on the sides below the knee.
The knee cup is very deep and forms a great pocket for your knee when it is bent at 90 degrees. The way these are sewn, however, keeps them from articulating much at all, making them difficult to pedal in, and forget about walking. So when you are in the attack position on your bike they fit pretty well, but otherwise not so much. I really wanted to like these, and wore them for several hours around the house, and even riding the bike out in my street a bit, but the fit never got any better. I had to keep them uncomfortably tight to keep them from slipping and rotating, probably because they have no silicone or elastic against the skin to prevent this.
A BIG plus of these is that they should be relatively cool on hot days. They also look pretty good, and are probably all you need for the bike park. The price isn't bad for what you get.