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I've had this helmet for some time now, over a yr, and it has met my every expectation. I use this helmet when I ride my MTB 3-4 times a week (even winter) and ski as much as I can, its even been used for kayaking. It the winter I was worried i would get too cold with the helmet on because I couldn't wear it with a hat, but I've never had an issue. I would recommend wearing a buff or bandana to cover your ears during winter use but other than that its fine. When biking its hardly noticeable except for when it saves me :) There is only 1 issue for me and that is the pad for the forhead only lasted me 6months, luckily the helmet came with a spare which has held up so far but i doubt I'll get another 3-4 months out of it. I don't know if it's me or the pad but this will be something I need to replace every so often. But it's not enough for me to ditch the helmet

Addicted to POC


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I got this a few years ago for a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro and since then have used it many more times and in many different situations. Generally it's pretty cool, I have small wrists and it doesn't bug me TOO bad. But I don't really like watches to begin with so I might be biased, but I don't hold that against them my problem comes with the accuracy of the altimeter. This is the reason I got the watch and on any given climb if you compare your watch to others in your group I bet you won't find one alike which tells me its not an exact science what they have going on here. For the best results I would always recalibrate it at every camp since we were usually given the altitude and I would say generally you would be pretty close to what the actual altitude should be. One thing to remember is if you are flying somewhere to go climb this will need to be recalibrated when you land something about flying messes with it. I know that this is a common occurance with these watches which is why I don't really feel negative about the product.

I still do wear it though


5 5

It seems the better I get on my bike the more protection I need. I've loved everything POC I've ever worn. WHen I got these I instantly put them on and dropped to my knees a few times and was really excited to use them they also do really form to your knees after they warm up. After 10min into the first ride they were pinching behind my knees real bad. I got a size small and don't even really strap my straps and it fits like a glove. I have tiny legs im 5'8 140 my calf is size small and my thigh was smaller than the small size but I didn't have any issues with it slipping. So by the end of the ride they were at my ankles. I was determined to give them a chance so I wore them another 3-4 times riding a few hours each time and they were starting to fit better but behind just my left knee it kept pinching so I figured it was me not the pads. I had a race and I was shocked during the race I didn't notice them at all (could be due to racing idk) but I was amazed and ever since then when I wear these I never notice there on untill I smack my knee and I'm like oh yea thanks poc! Give them a chance they'll be the best knee pad you've worn!

UPDATE: I've had these bad boys for over a year now and can still say they are amazing, when we go ride local xc trails you'd think I'd leave them at home but I take em on every ride. I rode yesterday and noticed a HORRIBLE stench from the kneepads so last night I put them in the washer on cold and now they look and smell new. Just like all of my other poc gear I see myself having these for years to come!!


4 5

Coming from some Geax tires to these was a huge change for me and it gave me confidence in corners again. I never really knew what it meant to stick in the turns until I got these. These work great in dry hard pack and decent on loose of hardpack.

I've used these in a couple XC races and have done pretty good. I ride a 2.35 up front and a 2.1 in the back and in good conditions this set up fly's!
If you are riding in Mud these have a tendancy to get mud stuck inbetween the knobs making traction not so great in real wet muddy conditions. But what tire really excells in this anyway.

Lately I've been running this in the back with an ardent up front


5 5

I've had an issue this season with slipping around on the pedals, especially when landing jumps. I've always just used some regular sneakers or skate shoes and shinburger was a regular for me. The last straw came when I was out riding hitting a few small jumps stuck a landing and both my feet slipped off the pedals, My leg got caught under the crankset and well ripped my calf open. A hospital visit, stitches and 3wks later I was back on the trail with these shoes! Since buying these shoes I haven't had any slips off my pedals, I might as well have clipless pedals and shoes on but with the freedom of bailing when I need!

LOVE THESE SHOES, Don't hesitate, these look slick so I can head to the pub after the trail in em and they will outlast any skate shoe and work better. Pair with a good set of pedals and you'll be amazed.

Attached is a photo of what happens when you slip off the pedals!

Photo Deleted - due to graphic nature-