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These warmers are great for those cool rides when you put them on at the start of the ride and leave them on all day. The wind proof fabric is warm, but it makes it difficult to take the warmers off and put them back on while riding because it doesn't stretch much. Also, if it heats up, the wind proof fabric traps sweat on the inside of the warmer which can feel a bit uncomfortable.


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I got a set of these recently and threw them on for some training. I was skeptical because I normally ride a very tough tire like a gatorskin or armadillo. I rode 10 hours in Seattle in 3 days on dirty, wet back roads. So much junk was sticking to the tires from the rain, but I didn't get any flats. These feel a lot better cornering than the hard rubber wire beads I am used to, and are lighter. My new favorite trainer!


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This stuff is great if you have your chain perfectly clean and dry. That is practical if you clean your bike once every month or so. Since I am washing my bike a few times per week, I rarely get the chain looking like new or take the time to completely dry the chain before applying lube.

If you apply this lube to a wet or dirty chain, it gets nasty and black really fast. It also smells a lot stronger than other lubes and is not fun to get on your fingers.


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I like these as casual shades. They are fine for riding in cold weather but because of the full rim they are not great in hot weather where sweat is an issue.

Changing the lenses is easy and fun with the interlock system. Sometimes if you tweak the arms, however, the lens can fall out.


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Ok, as my teammates said, this is the best bike case in the world. It offers the best protection of any case but it's light and easy to get it around the airport.

When you give this bag to TSA at the airport, hang out and help them check it out. TSA will often deflate the air bladders so that they can do their inspection, but if course they never air it back up. This can compromise the protection offered by the air bladders.

I have found that TSA is always thankful when I stick around to open up the case for them and close it back up. It makes their job easier and I am always at ease knowing my bike is still safe in the BIKND!


That is true, integrated seat masts tend to have less protection with this case. I have modified my case to remedy this.

I cut the foam block that goes under the bottom bracket in half. This way I can actually leave my saddle on the bike, and the saddle protects the mast. This trick does not work for very tall seat masts. I am riding a 56cm frame and it works perfectly with room to spare. Hope this helps!

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