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4 5

I went up one size and had to return them for the next size up. They are cut short in the legs and torso. They still fit snug, other than that, for the money, I'm happy with them. I don't know how they will wear. If i get one season out of them, I will be happy.


4 5

I have no problems like the previous reviewer. The gauge has a little arrow doodad indicator thing that you can set, just pump until you hit that mark then stop. I also have no problems with removing the presta only push on valve chuck. Just hold the tube valve with one hand and pull off the chuck with the other. I've never lost any air. The barrel length is long, it takes me about 25-30 strokes to inflate a 700x25 tire. All the Blackburn pumps I have ever owned eventfully go south and by the time they do (3-4 years) the parts are not available any longer. Other than that, it's a floor pump, gets air into your tires.


3 5

If you are hard on valve stems this is your huckleberry. The bad-it takes around 200 strokes to a 700x23 tire up to around 100 psi. It is a little time consuming to use. You have to unscrew the hose from inside the pump barrel, then screw it onto the opposing end. Then you have to screw the hose onto the presta valve stem of the tube (easier to screw the hose on first, then screw the hose onto the pump). There is a lot of screwing going on here. The bad- if you have tubes with removable valve stems it will unscrew the stem when you go to unscrew the hose, then babe, you got no air. A little touch of loctite will solve that problem. However-I cheat. I use my road drive to seat the tire, inflate to 40 psi or so, then finish off with co2. In a pinch the road drive will work fine as long as you have strong arms and are have ride buds who are patient while you are messing with your flat tire. Some guys swear by this pump. I just like to change my flats pronto and get under way.