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RC - returning the gloves and have yet to find a full fingered glove that works below freezing I now think that layering is the only way and the added layer has to be on top of the warmer glove so as not to restrict circulation works for me anyway this glove did not fit my hand in the thumb/forefinger area and was not warm on a mile walk at 25 degrees if anyone has a single glove other than the lobster/mitten type that works for longer subfreezing rides I would like to hear about it thanks for the assistance from realcyclist ed


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Good fit and excellent pad, not over padded but comfortable for long rides. I bought these knicker length bibs because I could not find another pair of Gore Xenon bibs anywhere. Good addition for colder weather, but would just as soon have regular bibs with leg warmers, just personal preference on that though. Small is pretty tight on me at 5'8" and 138 pounds, but mediums have too much seat material. Good bibs.


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Great for weather proof, it is Goretex so as expected. Tight fit, no flapping coming down the canyon. I'm 5'8" and 138 pounds and it's tight with a poly undershirt and light short sleeve jersey. Packs well into regular jersey pocket. Just for the bike. I added two Velcro tabs to keep the tail folded up inside itself unless it is wet, as I am short and don't like the tail hanging below the saddle, then the tail is there if I need it. Also, may have a seamstress add a couple of 8" zippers like the Gore long sleeve jersey to vent on climbs. Best cycling jacket I have, I like it.


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3 Stars because they are nice shorts, just don't fit me at all. I am 5'8" and 140 pounds, with not much butt I guess. Anyway, the Medium bibs were way too bib and the Smalls had a handful of material above the rear, just didn't fit me, maybe would fit others with more width there. The seat pads were really large, wrapping up out of the saddle area where no padding would be needed, at least for me. Sorry I was not able to fit them, but went to another brand which I knew fit me. Thanks to Realcyclist for prompt return and credit and shipping the others. I have a Hincapie signature jersey, size small, that I really like. Would support George any time I could.


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The single best bib shorts I have worn and I plan to get more when the 2010 production is available. No more small black Xenon bibs anywhere that I or Gore could find. I did order the 3/4 Xenon bibs which will be here tomorrow - hoping for a colder weather fabric and length but hopefully no other changes. The Xenon bibs in a small size are a little snug in the legs but fit me (I always seem to be between a small and a meduim) really well elsewhere, no handful of fabric above the rear to contend with. The small but effective pad was great Sunday on a 4 hour ride with lots of climbing, finishing in a cold drizzle, therefore the order for the 3/4's. Again, the small pad avoids the oversize/overhang of some very expensive bibs that just have a big pad for the sizes of their shorts.
Thanks to realcyclist for the assistance on this purchace.


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I want a tight fit but not the Zenon poly jersey. I will go with either Power Jersey or Oxygen Jersey. Power says Trim fit and Oxy says Tight Fit but reviews say Oxy is Relaxed/Club fit. I prefer Oxy jersey if it is a tight fit and not long. I am 5'8" and 138 pounds and race. Is the Oxy Tight or Relaxed and how long is the Medium relative to the others? Thanks, Ed Shaw

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