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I am confused by previous reviews as to the use of "one pair." A "pair of pants" is a singular piece of clothing with 2 legs. Likewise, a "pair of brakes" is one set, front or rear, with 2 arms. One pair is never four. How odd. At any rate, these brakes are fantastic. The positioning of the spring, outside as opposed to behind the brake arm, means less reverberation when braking, so NO SQUEELING! If more people had tried Paul brakes out, they'd be less inclined to rush to disk brakes. They stop extremely well and you don't need to switch over to disc wheels, so well worth it.


Hi Darlene,

I have just one more thing to add to Wally's comment. If you are using spin bikes at a gym/fitness facility, the predominant pedal type used is only compatible with Shimano 2-bolt-type mountain bike cleats (ie- "Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) cleats). When you look on the bottom of these shoes (Shimano SH-WR61), you'll see that the cleat attaches with _3_ bolts--this is a SPD-SL or Look-type bolt pattern. All of that to say, these shoes accept a different, road pedal cleat, not the 2-bolt cleat you'd typically use in pedals on spin bikes at the gym. This might not be the shoe for your needs, though it is a very nice road cycling shoe at a good price.

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Allow me to offer a counter point to the previous reviews. This is an incredible jersey at a **** of a great price. You DO have to adjust your expectations about fit. This is clearly a NEXT TO SKIN fit. It is not the clunky "club" or "pro" fit that your local club bulk ordered in the summertime, and you may wish to order one size up from your typical el-cheepo poorly designed jerseys. As well, keep in mind that next to skin means just that, so if you are self conscious about a tubular tire around your mid-section, it is not going to be hidden under the jersey.

If you are regularly riding fast winter rides and don't like being blown around on the road as your "club" kit blows around in the wind, this jersey, with it's micro-fleece material, well thought scotch-lite details, and visible back will do the trick. If your idea of a winter ride is to sit inside the coffee shop and talk about cycling, just get an extra club jersey that has lots of room to grow into.