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Here's what others have to say...

2 5

Do they clip in and out well? Yes. But beware that walking in these things is downright scary. I look like an 80 year old man hobbling around in these, being careful not to fall and break a hip. I'll be buying the version with the grips. They do wear out quickly, but buying new clips is cheaper than surgery.


Simple to install, love the versatility
5 5

I was a bit skeptical of the "universal" nature of these feet. I just wasn't sure that I wanted a rack with a generic strap for the rails. But I could not be more happy with these feet! They are very simple to install and the strap is legit - looks like it will last a long, long time. I really like that the adjustment tool is built into the foot itself, and I like that I can take this off one car and put it on another, assuming it has rails. This was a great purchase.

I matched it up with some Rocky Mount Pitchforks just in case I need the trays when going with friends who own Yak racks.


Good for holding your bikes on your car
5 5

I bought these on account of I have both Thule and Yakima racks (don't ask me why) and I like that they work with both. I strapped 'em to my Crossroads, put my bike up there and drove all the way to St. George. When I got there, the bike was still on my car. 5 stars for that.

I will say they don't do me much good when the Ogres come out, and it took me forever to move a pile of hay with 'em, but for bikes they are money.


4 5

So I was a little bent that I trashed my last set of tires using them on my rollers. So when I saw this, I had to try it out (bought a set when I bought my replacement tires). So far so good - quiet, stayed on the rims, good traction on the rollers and what not. I bit pricey for spares, but I like that I'm not trashing my road tires.