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Here's what others have to say...

Love Red (well, purple, too)...Great-Looking 'kit'. Colors are of the same shade of red, thankfully. Just enough black to make for a really slick look!

Can't wait to try these out (if I keep the shorts); still snowing out here!

Will up-date later, when and if Spring, or Summer get here...and STAYS!


Textile tag located on outside bottom of waistband of this red version. Just be aware*
*I have decided to return/exchange...will up-date if the next 'new' shorts have the same issue...


Assos' mistake, or intention? I can not believe Assos would place this tag on the outside of any of their garments on purpose...that just doesn't make sense.
Which leads me to believe these are a fluke, or....seconds...which, if the latter, it should be stated as being so, if indeed this is the case. Is it possible that's why they're on sale for so 'cheap'....and removing the tag will leave a remnant...can't leave the thing on there!

Just saying...very disappointed...am returning/exchanging...hopefully this was just a mistake that slipped pass Q.C.


Up-dated chamois: the blue one is the most recent purchased short ("14"), the orange one behind is in the blue version purchased last year.

Will up-date performance when the weather breaks in my area of the country.


3 5

The blue shorts I bought last summer (13), & the red version I just got...two different shorts indeed! Be aware, the red shorts pictured on this page are not the shorts I received...totally different!

Most notable differences:
Chamois now is thicker, with a sort of 'divited' surface...interesting concept.

The 'newer' version has wider leg bands, with a color on color graphic. Also, it has a 3 small silicone grippers on the inside thigh area only; whereas the older style has a sort of built-in gripper type material on its leg bands.

The older pair has flat-lock seams that are sewn flush to the shorts both inside/out. The newer pair's seams are not sewn flush (on front side) to the shorts inside, nor the interesting 'look' on the outside as previous years' version...most importantly, will these non-flush sewn seams be a comfort issue...will post after I get come actual wear in these...still way to cold to ride in shorts in my area at this posting (still snowing!). Will up-date.

The newer version has a longer inseam: 8" for the blue ("13"), and 10" for this latest pair (this is measuring, un-stretched, from the center of the crotch to the leg ends, size XL).

But this new pair losses a full point for lack of detail and construction of the inside seams, and another point for the annoying placement of a large 'textile' tag placed on the OUTSIDE back of this garment!!! Was this a mistake by Assos, or are the serious?! It will have to somehow be carefully removed, cut as short as possible without cutting garment...then there will still be a apparent 'stump' of a tag left! Almost enough to send back, if I didn't get a good price....but someone send a message to Assos...what's with the outside tag, and the seams that aren't any better than a low-end short!


5 5

No need to write a page, as all that the above description states is true!
Aesthetically, absolutely beautiful. If you're a lover of the color red...this is a truly stunning, true red (no orangey under-tones); and the black accents are just enough to make one super sharp jersey!


5 5

Perfect weight...warmth to weight ratio is excellent! Smooth and sleek; unfortunately, my size was only available in the grey and HOT pink...not for me, but who's really gonna see them...so for the price, couldn't pass them up :)
Seem well made, as usual!


5 5

Light does just what it was designed to do: make you visible to cars...even from quite a distance away; and in adverse weather conditions!

Pity the riders who get stuck riding behind you! Using the low setting will 'help', but it is still incredibly bright; but a tail light should be, right?!

This thing is built solidly, too...has a little 'heft' to it, but not cumbersome at all; pretty slick-looking actually. Love the versatility, as well: can position to adjust to your attachment needs (whether to the seat post, saddle bag, jersey, or hydration pack).
Camera really doesn't do it justice as to the lumens this thing blast out! It truly supersedes all others out there.

Can't recommend it enough...your life is worth it!

*Also recommend L&M Taz 1200 (when available again). Voted as *best overall beam pattern by mountainbikereview.com...where you can actually view the different lights and their beam patterns, and evaluations...pretty cool.
Lupine still has the most lumens & best overall tech, if you have about $1K+...go for it! This was more inline with my budget and I have no regrets....would someday love to get the Lupine *Wilma, but until then...


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