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Unanswered Question

Guys' or Dolls'...

How's the fit/performance of this jacket? Is it really a improvement of the former "U Jack"? Thanks for you help.

0 Answers

The NEW wash bag is larger, and built better. Now, a pair of shorts/jersey can actually fit inside and allow enough room for water to pass through and around garments. Plus, garments don't come out of the bag as easily as they did in the older version. For bibs, though, I bought a yet somewhat larger wash bag which works perfectly for them. Hand washing is best...but for those of us short on time...

The little blue bottle is a sample of Assos *Active Wear Cleanser that came with the TF1 13F Lady_SF5's. 3 cap fulls for hand washing, 6 for machine (delicate cycle). Has a somewhat polymer smell to it...but the guys will appreciate the non-flowery scent!

A Little 'Surprise' improvement...


5 5

Super light weight (as described), body-hugging but very comfortable. Wicking is absolutely perfect (even the black version). Word of warning...again...the white portions on this jersey are the most c-thru yet...but on the black jersey, it's only the back and who cares.

Back length is really nice and long; somewhat longer than some of their other singlets...but I like that (will help cover tag remnant on the back of the shorts, and the back of the bib shorts, after removing).
Pockets are easily accessible. Love the little 'flap' pocket in the front (while I don't think it looks so great, it's so convenient for lip balm/gel, etc).

The only complaint I have is the way the front zipper fits me (even riding) kind of 'buckles or puckers' in/out around the chest. Seems us larger-busted ladies are sometimes over-looked by the design dept. regarding jerseys/ if you are of a average or smaller build, it will probably fit you perfectly.

But other than fits perfectly everywhere else, love it and highly recommend it!


5 5

Finally, cool comfort for the hot-footed typed! Super comfy, and super breathable. Socks stay in place; not really any compression or support (arch) like some others, but perfectly fine for a lightweight summer sock.

Note on fit (especially for ladies):

I normally wear a ladies U.S. size 7.5, and got a size '0', and a size '1' (since my size is right on the edge of both). While the '0' fits, it is close; the size '1' fits better...not too big at all...just a F.Y.I.



5 5

Got this version, the short sleeve version, the singlet, and the zip-mock...(all 'bases' covered, basically), all work the same and are quite comfortable. Wind blocking is excellent, except the back of course, which is made of mesh for ventilation. Be sure to layer appropriately (appropriate jersey & jacket), as these are not in and of themselves, warm.

Fit seems to be as follows:
This and the zip-mock run a little slim. The singlet seems to be a tad roomier, and very long front/back.

I like this base, but prefer the zip-mock where you get all the amenities of this base, along with the ability to vent even more, or zip up to the neck for even more protection.


5 5

Now I absolutely love and recommend this wind-stopping base, above the crew: simply because you get the option of zipping all the way up for the cold and blustery rides; or, un-zip as needed for venting. With the crew, you've no venting choice. It's worth the few extra $, I think.

Rode in 40F with winds 30mph., under Gores' ALP-X 2.0 winter jersey, and the Gore ALP-X 2.0 GT Jacket, and Gore's Windstopper tights. Topped it all off with Gores' Thermal cap, and the ALP-X Windstopper gloves...a few quick zips vented as needed along the ride; no problems!

(...hey Gore, I should get paid for this demo!)

Fit seems a bit more lean than the W.S. singlet base I just got (and will be returning, which ran a bit more generous, but way too long to fit under my road jerseys).

And, because it is a zip-mock, the "GORE" emblem isn't located front and center when venting the jersey...I like that!

Great ventilation on the back. Recommended!


5 5

Fusion Rocks (I am told!). Warm, windproof, comfortable, functional. Rode in 40F with 30mph winds, and was warm, didn't feel any wind.

Zips were a little difficult to operate (without gloves!). Pockets are generous in size, and placed sensibly on the jacket.

Could use more reflective elements, especially for roadies.

Gore normally runs small, so he chose a 'XL' for a 5'9" 185lb frame. Fit described by Gore as a "Comfort Fit"...could maybe have worked a 'L' instead. But this gives room for layering...a Great Mtn. bike jacket. For you 'roadies', suggest ordering according to chart...don't size up with this one.


Pictured here with Gore's Fusion 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Pants. Excellent Combo.

Size here is a XL on a 5'9" frame. Fit describes as "Comfort" by Gore. Usually Gore's tends to run small, but in this instance, a 'L' may have worked. The 'XL' leaves room for layering and movement...fine for mtn biking.

Worth It


5 5

As 'advertised', totally windproof, warm, comfortable (rode in 40F with 30 mph wind with no problems at all.

Room for movement/layering. Great pockets. Nice reflective elements. Good-looking, too!

Plus, what a value when you consider this pant will take you from freezing to the heat of summer in just a matter of a zip!


Says it's totally windproof, and warm, as advertised. Also enough room to add a merino wool base when temps drop to freezing.

Plus that added 'value' of becoming shorts for warmer weather (if it ever gets here in the Great Lakes Region!).

Pictured here with Gore's Fusion Tool SO Jacket.

Room For Movement/Layering



On my next bike (Specialized Crux Expert...on order!), I'll be putting a smaller bag on it (used the 'L' on this Trek Fuel EX8, 17.5" frame, where the only options for a tail light was to attach to the bag); in hopes to secure a light right to the seat post...and travel much lighter, of course. Glad for this option on the bag!

(I've had no problems with this bag purchased July, "13")...considering some reviews since, I too may wait for a up-dated bag, or another brand, for my next bike...keep the up-dated product reviews coming...they're so helpful to us all!

Another view of another option


Strap on the back of the (large) bag accommodates a tail light or extra reflector, if needed. This is the L&M Vis 180 safely attached to reflective strap. With a smaller bag, there may have been just enough room to still attach to seat post. Gratefully, this bag has this added feature, for this most excellent light!

Worthy Feature...


L&M Taz 1200 & Vis 180 Tail Light, clipped to a 'L' Lezyne seat bag...(bike frame 17.5) works!

Of course a smaller bag, or no bag, will allow you to clip the light right to the seat post. I just like to travel prepared, and so use the larger seat bag for tools, etc., and a hydration pack for first aid kit, food, extra clothes, or jacket, as needed, etc. Ya, kind of like campcycling! Better to be prepared as best you can, I believe.

Note the *side lights on both front and back lights; the side lights on the tail light alone a very, very bright...way more than appears in this shot.

"Let There Be Light"!!!