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I bought the micro.

The zipper on this thing sucks. The 1st one broke as soon as I packed it and tried to close it. I took it back and got another. The 2nd nearly did the same thing, but since I'm no dumby I learned my lesson. You have to be on top of your game while zipping this thing. You can't just casually zip it up (while it is full). It will get off track every time.

Anyway, once I got it figured out I was able to get it VERY secure to my bike. It has 1 tube and 2 levers in it. Don't think it will hold much more. I like it now that it's on my bike!


5 5

This bibs have been great for the month or so I've had them. They are very comfy and feel awesome when in the saddle. They were my first pair of bibs so I was worried about comfort and rubbing. I've had no issues with the straps rubbing. They are great. I have no complaints. Well, maybe just one. The price. I paid $140 for them. Now they are less than $100. Dang!! Anyway, they are definitely worth it. Great Product!