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Just a disclaimer to anyone looking to purchase this armor... I would size your armor based upon your quad... not your calf. I recently purchased the elbow and knee protectors and the knee protector seems to run a little smaller than stated. It will flex/stretch a little but it makes it pretty tough to pedal when you have no blood flowing past your quad =)

Luckily Huck's got an awesome return policy and I'm swapping out for the large. Through reading reviews on other sites, POC seems notorious for running on the small side (unusual considering they only seem to carry small-medium-large). But on the upside, my elbow armor from them is awesome. Even though POC armor is a bit more $$$ buy with confidence knowing you gain better comfort through greater flexibility and range of motion.


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Just picked up the joint vpd elbow and knee pad from POC. The quality of this armor from POC is very solid and feels great. Having the flexibility and protection from POC makes a huge difference in my opinion. The elbow protector fits perfect but the knee pad seems a bit small. I have smaller calves but my quads are on the bigger side and so I'm going to have to size up to the large as it isn't very easy to pedal with them cutting off blood circulation =)

I highly recommend getting these pads... even if they are a little more expensive I feel the comfort level through flexibility is all worth it. Just make sure you check your sizing.