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5 5

I'm fairly new to cycling, but these bibs have been great. They've ridden with me over 500 miles on a mountain bike and show absolutely no wear. This is even more impressive as I have had several hard spills on the single track. Every time, I have scrapes on my calves and arms, but have amazingly escaped with only bruises (some very ugly) where the bibs cover.

I've also been impressed with the chamois. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but after just a few rides, it got broken in and is comfortable enough to walk around as well as ride in. The longest ride I've taken is a 4-hour jaunt up a local mountain and back. Chaffing is something I worried about, but has never been a problem... not even a little bit. (I've considered running in these as my running shorts can't brag the same track record.)

Overall, I recommend these and will probably come back to Fox when it's time to purchase new shorts.


5 5

I've used these gloves for several months now, riding 2-3 times a week on my mountain bike, beginning with some mountain rides in the snow. It took three iterations to finally get gloves that didn't fall apart. My first pair had the stitching coming apart before I even put them on. Backcountry replaced them and the second pair came apart in another location. Again, Backcountry replaced them. I've had this third pair for probably 2 months and haven't had any problems with them.

I wouldn't have been so persistent in getting replacements if I hadn't loved the gloves from the beginning. They are very comfortable and have saved my hands during some nasty spills as well. I've worn them in the snow as well as the heat. As a Summer glove, they allow for plenty of ventilation and work great. As a Winter glove, they allow a lot of wind through and my hands got cold, but never so bad that I felt I needed something thicker.

This is a product I would recommend to a friend as long as he were easily able to return them should a quality issue arise.