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Dave Marcus

Dave Marcus

Dave Marcus

Dave Marcuswrote a review of on April 17, 2013

3 5

Coming from a Capo kit, this fits similarly. I'm a solid XL in the euro brands and this fits just like the rest of them. Sleeves are well shaped and not too tight, plus, they don't have tight elastic around the bottom. Bonus.

I refuse to buy a jersey without a full zipper and this one operates well.

Two concerns - the fabric doesn't seem as breathable as some other fabrics and the side seams are itchy. An undershirt will cover that problem.




Dave Marcus

Dave Marcuswrote a review of on November 12, 2012

4 5

Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have two of the Euro version of the Pitchfork mounted to my Thule Aero crossbars. It's about as quiet as a rack can get and still clamps down on bikes like a gator.

The tray on this mount is minimal. It doesn't have much of a side to it, but it doesn't need it. Rocky Mounts used as much aluminum as they had to to hold a bike securely and didn't use an ounce more. It makes for a lightweight and very aero mount.

The skewer is, in my opinion, the best in the business. It has a phenomenal mechanism built into it that provides a ton of clamping force without requiring too much effort to close. The skewer is also easy to adjust for different forks.

I also like the rear strap. I thought it would be difficult to tighten without any ratchet mechanism, but I've discovered that ratcheting is unnecessary. It is a tight squeeze with the 2.4 Ardents on my single-speed mtn bike, but they fit. Smaller tires don't have a fit issue.

Two things could use improvement. The Pitchfork requires two locks: one in the skewer to lock the bike and one in the housing to lock the Pitchfork to the crossbar. Yakima and Thule get it done with one. Also, if you slot-mount the rear, the bracket provides a bit of play in the assembly which can cause some annoying rattling. A bit of rubber fixed this.

Overall, a damn fine looking bike mount that performs well. I recommend it. Get two if you want to drive yourself and a buddy to the trail. Get one if you'd rather he drive himself.