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Here's what others have to say...

Hey Larry,
This fork does not come with the headset. You will need a tapered 1.125 - 1.5 tapered headset. Just make sure you select the headset that fits the frame you have. Feel free to contact our experts by calling 888-276-7130 or by chatting with them using our live chat feature. They can check into what headset your frame requires and help you find one that works.

Hey Filippo,
Thanks for pointing out this content mistake. This is a synthetic saddle and does not use any leather. We have filed to correct the tech specs so hopefully that will be updated to reflect the correct material soon. Let us know if you need help finding a saddle that fits your needs.

Hey Mishkin,
A lot of what tire will work best for you will be based on what kind of riding you will be doing. However you could pair this wheel with the Hutchinson Fusion 3 Road Tire. To check those out you can type the item #HUT0077 into the search key. Feel free to contact our gearheads using our live chat feature or by calling 800-409-4502.

Hey Ali,
The cleats you will want to use with these shoes is determined by the pedals you will be using. If you are using an SPD style then you will want to stick to a 2 hole SPD cleat. If the pedals you are using are a traditional road style cleat then you will want to stick to a 3 hole cleat. These shoes will accommodate both styles.
I would recommend you check the pedals you are using to find out what style pedal you currently are using. A lot of spin classes will use a 2 hole SPD style pedal.