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5 5

If the number of people I saw wearing the red version of this at the race this weekend (including myself), then this is a real hit. I had to see at least 5 other guys wearing the same jersey.

I have had this jersey for a few months and so far I have loved it.

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4 5

Nice shorts. Fit is great, outer shell is barely noticeable and doesn't catch on the seat. Agree with the other reviewer that a real pocket would be nice for maps/keys/etc. Don't plan on fitting much into the mini-pocket.


4 5

This pack is nice, but does have one pretty big flaw. 12L sounds like a decent enough amount of space for a light pack, but upon usage, comes up short. After you fill your reservoir, there is little room for much else save maybe arm & leg warmers. Getting a vest and shell in here too is tough. Another minor annoyance is that, for me at least, the water line from the reservoir is just a little too short making it more uncomfortable to drink than I'd like.

Great pack, just not enough space for this size pack. Go for the 16L at least.