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5 5

As a guy who has always been on a bike, but prided myself on riding ancient bikes (my last bike was a beautiful GT zaskar hardtail from the 90's) I figured as someone in the bike industry it was time to take the plunge and get a high end bike. When the deal on this trailfox presented itself it was a no brainer.

I took this thing on its debut test ride to one of the most brutal mtn biking areas around, Moab Utah. I beat the living hell out of this bike. I hadnt ridden Moab and my skills on the rocks were pretty bad admittedly, lots of endos, and eating serious $H!T.

This bike climbed beautifully for a 150mm bike, i felt very efficient up and over the loose rock and steps. Where this thing really shined was coming down. I took it down porcupine trail which is THE ass kicking trail, and I had never been. Had it not been for the plushy front fork and high travel I would have been on the ground about 200% more often (about 10 times instead of 5), due to lack of speed over bigger steps.

The breaks were awesome, with a good amount of modulation for technical, touchy breaking. I messed around with pro pedal on the rear suspension and honestly didnt notice much so i just left it off. The dropper seat was very handy, especially for the big drops that sneak up on you. The one problem I did have was that the grips are not particularily good, they spin. Also the handle bar is a little wide for my liking, made it a little hard to squeak through some tight spots, but you have to compromise for the downhill stability.

The bike held up very well. We rode atleast 15 miles every day for 3 days and the joints arent loose, the bike still feels tight, and all is well. This bike handled the abusive terrain of Moab like a champ, and I am sure if it can handle that stuff, it can handle just about anything.


3 5

I had high expectations for this pair of shades. First impression were not great. One of the arms doesnt close as far as the other (on my pair) so i have to make sure to close the correct arm first. They are very light. Fit is a little tight. I have a 7 1/4 hat size, and not a particularly wide face, and when they are on they are definitely not going anywear. Which is actually good because I got them for biking. The gunmental clear lense ones are NOT POLARIZED. My fault for not realizing it until I bought them, but I dont need it for biking anyway so I dont really care. The transition time on the lenses isnt that quick. Ill keep them, they work just fine for biking.


5 5

These pants are awesome. Lots of cool features. Just about as many as a ski jacket. Anti-microbial, reflective strip inside the leg cuff for bar hopping at night, and the u-lock holster is cool. Although if you have a big u-lock it wont fit. They have the perfect amount of stretch. I was also pleasantly surprised that the "slim" fit did not mean "skinny", the boys are plenty comfortable, and I dont look like I have chicken legs. They fit very nicely. I would wear them every day if people didnt notice, but they will, because these pants are sick.