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These are my favorite pads that I've used so far. My bike came with Formula organic pads. With those, my brakes would howl something fierce every time I was on a dusty trail (and I live in Utah, so that was basically every ride). I bought the SwissStop organic pads after the original pads wore out and I experienced the same problem! That's in the past now that I've switched to these sintered pads. They make a little bit of noise when they're cold, but they're fine once I've been riding a little. Also, it's never that terrible howling that I could feel through my whole body.


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I bought the 25 for my Formula RX brakes. I prefer the Formula brand sintered pads to these for the improved longevity, but we didn't have them in stock. These are a decent alternative. After all, they do stop my bike when I squeeze the brake trigger.


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I know, I know: it's kind of like saying the restaurant was wonderful except for the food. This pump does move a lot of air quickly and the gauge is very easy to read. However, I hat the chuck options. If you use the threaded chuck on a presta valve with a removable core, you risk removing the core while unscrewing the chuck (I've done this several times). If you use the speed chuck, you have to hold the chuck onto the valve while pumping. This gets the job done and I'm not going to rush out and by a different pump. The construction and quality are very good, but the design of these Lezyne pumps makes me think I won't get another one.


It's made of steel and plastic. It does fold up when not in use. I'm not sure what you mean by "DOES THE BOTTOM RAIL SEPARATE IN THE MIDDLE," but it is possible to use this to carry only two bikes and leave the other two spots empty. It's important to note that this won't do you any good on its own. You have to have a 2in. Yakima Hold-Up Bike Rack (YAK0289) for this add-on to be of any use to you.

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I bought this helmet in black and like it so far. Thankfully I haven't crashed in it yet, but it seems like it would be very safe in a crash. I think it provides adequate ventilation. One cost of having a helmet with great coverage like this is that it can interfere with sunglasses. At first I thought I was going to need to return the helmet, but I've learned to make it work with my shades. Be sure to try this on with sunglasses before deciding whether or not to keep it.