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5 5

I purchased the Castelli Privilegio Jersey a few days and was able to wear it out on the road for the first time today. Although I wasn't on the bike, I did run in it.

First the fit:

It's snug. Im 5'10" 155, 38" chest and ordered the large. It runs tight, especially underneath my arm pits. I would definitely consider this a race cut, unless you went up a couple of sizes from your normal US size. The sleeve length just about reaches the end of my wrists. (My arm length is about 33/34.) The jersey itself is not very long and comes down just below my waist. The grippers around the bottom work, sorta. Since it's shorter on me, it tends to ride up to my waistline. It doesn't bother me too much, but might for others. I've worn other Castelli stuff and usually the mediums are perfect. This was a bit snugger than the other clothing I've worn.

I would say (despite the snugness) it's very comfortable and the fleece lining inside feels good against my body. It's warm but might need a second layer if it's too cold out.

The test run:

The temperature was in the mid 40's and it was the only layer I had on. I only went for a mile a run. The pace was moderate to heavy. The jersey kept me warm and I didn't really feel the cold outside. Castelli has this jersey rated at 59-68 degrees, which makes sense. If I was on the bike today I probably would have wore another layer or jacket. If it was in 50's then I maybe would have worn a wind jacket and think I would have been fine with this. If the temperature was in the upper 60s, then I might not choose this as my primary riding jersey, as I could see it becoming pretty toasty, unless you're riding by the ocean or a damp/overcast day.

Overall I really like this. Its really nice material, the zipper construction is solid and the color is sharp. (I got the black/red) I wasn't going to give this jersey 5 stars because the fit wasn't consistent with their other stuff and I was on the fence about returning it for an XL. However I rated it 5 stars due to the fact it feels really nice and I could foresee this being a solid riding jersey for those mild days.


5 5

I received the Louis Garneau Lemmon Jersey last night and wore it for the first time today.

The Fit:

I ordered the Ginger in a medium. (Im 5'10" 152 (at the moment) 32" waist and wish I had a bigger chest. (Right now it's 38".) The shirt ran a bit long and I wouldn't' call it a race fit. It wasn't loose, wasn't tight but just right. (Kinda like the three bears and the porridge.) It did feel good and didn't sag at all.

The ride:

When I set out for the ride this morning, it was in the mid 60's, light wind and the sun was popping. I rode about 21 miles, rolling hills with a light to moderate pace. It wasn't too warm so I got away with wearing my 2XU compression sleeves (just in case I needed to shed something if it got too hot.) The shirt kept me cool and breathed really well. I could see this be a huge benefit on a hot day where I'd be sweating a lot more.

Overall I really like the shirt and look forward to wearing it again.


4 5

I have the 2XU compression calf guards and love 'em. I wanted those guys to have some siblings so I purchased these. They fit well (I bought the small in white) and are supposed to be tight as they are compression. They shouldn't cut off your circulation but can't be loose either. Call the folks at Realcyclist for any questions. They rock and know their stuff.


4 5

I bought these and RMA'd them after deciding I wasn't crazy about the zipper and the jersey itself. I purchased the large ones in red. The zipper construction seemed cheap and wasn't solid like I've seen and felt in other products including Castelli.

As for the fit, Im 5'10", 155lbs, 32-33" waist with an arm length of 32/33. They seemed to be a bit long in the arms. I believe they would offer plenty of arm coverage for when you're hammering in the drops. The fleece material inside seems really comfortable and the jersey otherwise felt snug.

Just because I wasn't crazy about it doesn't mean you will be too. I love Castelli products but this one just wasn't for me. Hope this helps.


5 5

I purchased these a few days ago and haven't been able to test ride them.

"Dude, what are you reviewing them for?"

For now I want to comment on the quality, sizing and fit.

I bought the solid black ones in a large, which fit pretty well. I'm 5'10", 155lbs, with a 32-33" waist (depending on what I scarfed down that weekend) and can do the lawnmower on the dance floor.

They feel really nice, and appear to be of good qualty. The bib shorts formed to my body well, and are not tight like my Orca tri suit, and not loose like my MC Hammer pants. They are thin and I couldn't see wearing them unless it was in the upper 60's lower 70's or higher.

On the inside of the bibs there isn't anything that looks like it will scratch or rub my lower back while in the saddle. Also, there is a substantial amount of padding that will likely offer a really comfortable ride. Walking around in them isn't too bad, as I've had shorts that felt like I was rocking a man size diaper.

Overall I would say I really like them. I look forward to putting them on when the weather gets nice. For 130 dollars I think this is a great buy, especially when there are other bib shorts that go for much higher.

If I remember I will provide an update after I get a chance to ride in them.

**03/17/12 Update**

I rode in these today and really liked them. They fit great on the ride and were really comfy. I was only able to do 30 minutes with them, but they seem like they'll be great for hours on the saddle.


5 5

The Leggero is super light and really thin, almost as if it's thinner than paper. I got the white and really like the style and fit. I purchased the large (I'm 5'10" on a REALLY good day, 155lbs, 32" waist and have a big ole jacked 38" chest.)

Impressions after wearing the Leggero for the first time.

Ride info:

Mileage: 21.04
Effort: Easy
Weather conditions: 59º, windy, sunny.
Bugs eaten: 2.5
Clothing worn: Short sleeve jersey, arm warmers, shorts, compression calf guards, Leggero jacket.

I kept the jacket on the entire ride and didn't really feel the need to take if off. It didn't heat up my core, however kept me warm during the downhills and when the wind was kicking up. I thought it did a great job of keeping the wind at bay, and preventing my body from feeling any chills.

I included a photo of Leggero all tucked into it's little pouch. I used a 25 cent piece for scale.

- Nice for light to moderate wind protection
- Looks and fits great
-Breathes well
- Cute little pouch you can toss in your jersey pocket

- At 80 dollars I wonder if something else could the same duties for a lot less.


I read other users saying this is good for the drizzle/light rain. I haven't tested it out yet. But if you're looking for something that will stop the wind and act as an extra layer when it's cool-warm out, then I recommend the Leggero, that is if you don't mind shelling out 80 bones.

Wind Jammer


5 5

When I received this shirt, or "Quando ho ricevuto questa maglia," I was just struck by it's beauty. "Dude you're talking about a cycling jersey" OK so it's not a car... or a bike... but a jersey! Hey, we all like gear. And if I'm going to shell out 120 bones for a cycling jersey, you can rest assure I'm going to be awestruck by some threads made of Prosecco 3D fabric. It's comfy, the zipper feels solid and the construction appears to be top notch.

I bought the black jersey. The great guys at Realcyclist recommended I buy the large. I must say the shirt fits perfectly. Im 5'10", 155lbs, 32" waist, rocking a big diesel 38" chest.

Hope you enjoy this jersey as much as I do.


5 5

I bought two of these bottles because of the little scorpion fella and because I wanted to match my other Castelli gear. They're nice and have a diesel cover to them.

My only complaint is the stickers were a pain to get off. I had to use some acetone to completely remove the goo. You could probably keep them on there, if you're not OCD like myself. I also gave them a bath in the dishwasher prior to use.

They're water bottles. They hold liquid. What more do you want?


5 5

I've had these bottle cages for 2.5 years now. They've held up well and served their purpose. I bought the black ones to match my bike. Other than the price being a bit steep, there will be no complaints from this guy.