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I stuck it on my motorcycle last week. It ended up being a very bumpy ride. A lot of potholes, old frost heaves, cracks in the road. No issues at all. I wasn't completely confident with it and created a leash for the mount, but never had to use it. Mind you, the surface was on one of my hardcase saddle bags. The surface of the bag isn't completely smooth either. It is a bit rough.

Update: I had this on my motorcycle for over 2500 miles from Boston up to Nova Scotia and around Nova Scotia. It never fell off.


You can see that it only sticks out about 9/16" from the back of the main casing. If you consider the difference between the standard back and this one. It is only about 7/16" larger.

With Case


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The gopro is great. But this thing makes it much easier to use. I'm a lot more sure of the shots I'm taking after being able to look through it.

It also gives the GoPro the ability to be more of a regular everyday digital camera. It doesn't add all too much weight at all. Very easy to use.


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I do really like this mount. It is pretty stable. (After modifying) I mainly use this for my handlebars on my motorcycle or attach it to the passenger's foot peg.

I did modify the mount to a point. I put rubber in the inside to give it better grip. Without the rubber, it tends to roll back on me.