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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

This bike is a rocket. So fast, but still comfortable for the distance. I was hesitant due to the ISP but I accredit it for some of the long distance comfort. The BB shell on this thing is massive and along with the asymmetric chain stays you end up with crazy power transfer. I think the Ferrari comparison is rather apt, especially if you're a fan of top gear- This bike demands to be ridden and is extremely responsive- it's not twitchy but you'll definitely want to pay attention when you're at speed. Plus when you pull up at a stop light everyone in the group ride gets a little jealous. I also love that you don't see this bike very often. Definitely some pride in ownership


5 5

I haven't had the same problems as the other reviewers. I ordered a large due to being 6'3" and the straps are perfect. I also have fairly big legs and I really appreciate the way the leg bands fit. Very comfortable.

That being said, they put the tag on these in the worst place imaginable, right in the ol' coin slot. Just move it up an inch, or put it pretty much anywhere else. I loved the bibs but hated the way they rubbed so I removed the tag. Should you go to the same effort please don't be like me, use a scissors. Don't rip it out. I now have extra ventilation where the tag used to be and I've had to avoid wearing these in public to keep my modesty.

That being said, they are always under my mtb baggies because they are so, so comfortable. The chamois in these is brilliant. The've also made some appearances in basement trainer sessions where the extra ventilation can be kind of nice.


5 5

I tend to be a skeptic of anything that's 'water resistant.' I've never been pleased with DWR treatments and the like but nanoflex actually does a pretty dang good job of keeping you dry. I wouldn't want to test their limits too far from home, but these have seen some cold and some showers and have kept me comfortable. I have another pair of arm warmers that's articulated and I can't tell a difference in fit or comfort between the two, but the fabric on these beats out the others every time.


4 5

The vest itself is pretty good, fits well. I wish there was a little less material on the shoulders to prevent flapping and I wish the zipper didn't catch quite so much- but I've run into the same problem on the other vests I've owned. Maybe when it's time to replace this one I'll try sizing down (and ordering american size).

It definitely excels in being light and packable. Would buy again.


Keeps me off my trainer
5 5

Be seen with the fluo. Stay regulated with the brilliantly placed pit zips. Really, they are fantastic. Easy to open or close at any time, it's the details.

I've worn this in temps from 15 to 60 and was comfortable at all points between. Smart layering and this jacket are about all you need for fall and spring riding. I can't find much info on how windtex is made (is it ePTFE?) but this thing has kept me dry when everything else has soaked through. Not sure if it's actually "waterproof" but it's more water resistant than a DWR coating. I've yet to have it soak through. I'm impressed.