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I use my Hex for everything but riding my DH bike. The adjustments are all easy and the retention system works well on my noggin. I've tried the Xen as well, but the shape doesn't work on my skull. The Hex is cheaper than the Xen, fits better, looks better (in my opinion), and probably protects just as well. Win!


4 5

I've got a pair of these and they're a comfortable pair of shorts. I've got a 30" waist and the smalls fit me well. The crotch doesn't snag on the seat like on some other shorts. The only criticism I have is that the pockets don't open to a size where I can get my hand into them with my riding gloves on. That's a bit annoying.

The chamois is of good quality and keeps the nether regions happy!


4 5

I've got one of these and they're pretty slick. You'll hear a lot of debate on whether they're worth it or not, but I guess that is really up to the individual.

My current set up is the TLD 7855 short sleeve shirt, and D3.

Everyone's body is different, but this combination works well for me. I'd tried other helmets that I've seen other people wear (Giro Remedy, Down-o-matic), but I couldn't get the adjustments to give me the range of motion I needed for really steep terrain. I must have a short neck(?).

Takes a bit of getting used to


4 5

I've only had this thing for about 5 days of riding, but I'm quite happy with it so far.

I'd been torn between a D2 and the Urge. The S/XS D2 was just a little too tight, and the M/L was too big.

I've fitted the Urge with the all the smallest fit kit pads and the fit is really good, and comfortable.

My one gripe is that the pads move around more than they have on any other helmets I've had (Remedy, Rampage)

I personally like the look of this helmet, but get plenty of ribbing from my riding buddies asking "where we're going diving".