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4 5

i picked these up to go with my 661 evo wired helmet, and they work great. i don't know that goggles without outriggers wouldn't have also fit so well, but i can say that these goggles with the outriggers fit great!

i've had no problems with fogging while riding, but if you just finished a run and leave them and your helmet on, your breath will fog them a little. likewise, if you're not moving, your face can heat up pretty quickly. but as soon as you start downhill, lots of cool air rushes in.


4 5

I don't have a lot of experience with full face helmets, but the fit of the evo wired is great. other reviewers are correct that it fits tighter around the jaw, but i didn't find it uncomfortable and didn't notice while riding. i personally like the snug, secure feeling. it was awkward to get headphones in with the helmet on, but after i did they felt fine.

it's pretty toasty in the helmet when you're not moving (like i imagine all the full faces i haven't tried are) but cools off quickly once you start cruising. and most importantly, it matches my bike colors, otherwise i'd just wear a hat...


they will work fine. most roadies would rather get an egg beater to ditch the additional weight of the platform. most crank bros come with 6 degrees of float, but i have seen clips designed with no float. i haven't tried them though. if you're wearing traditional performance mtn bike shoes (carbon sole) the pedals are still pretty slippery until your clipped in. if you're wearing something else (i use teva pivots for aggressive riding), the rubber will give the pedals a more stable feel. if you're wearing road bike shoes, i don't think the platform will be helpful at all. ultimately, you'll prefer to be clipped in.