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Unanswered Question

There is floating pad attached to the knee area. I cant quite figure out if this goes behind or infront of the knee. I have been wearing behind, but this makes you put your leg though it which is annoying. I read on the "freatures" and it mentions "Knee stabilization pad centers patella for optimal placement" which sounds like it might go infront of the knee, between the knee and the pads.

Anyone know what im talking about?

0 Answers

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The Super Joe is easy to attach to your car and seems secure enough, but after a few big bumps on the freeway the straps loosen up a bit and I have to get out and tighten them to return my peace of mind. I have only ever transported 2 bikes, neither DH. From what I have seen I would be nervous to put 3 big bikes with this rack.

For some reason the red "quick collapse" tabs bound up on a trip and I could no longer collapse the rack. Backcountry gave me a new one that I have not had problems with yet.

Overall a good rack for getting your bikes across town, but keep a close eye on it when your on the freeway or really rough roads.


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Seems like a very durable shoe, SPD option is good to have although I bought these for my platform pedals. The velcro "lace shield" does a good job in keeping your laces from all the twisty and grabby parts of your bike.

White seems like an odd choice for a MTB shoe. If you like your white shoes to stay white, fat chance here. The nature of mountain biking will make it impossible to keep these shoes pristine. I, for one, perfer the shoes with the smudges and dirt added.


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Fantastic shorts! They have a great, relaxed look with interesting graphics. Made from burly, yet stretchy material.

Features Galore! All the pockets you will ever need biking. Has a zip front pocket to secure valuables as well as a pocket sloping downward in riding position so you dont loose your change.


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Sweet Jacket! I have been 100% impressed. I've used it in cold weather, in wind, rain, and snow and it kept all that away from my body. I rode in the Frozen Hog Race this year with this jacket and a short sleeve, kept me at a perfect temp.
Waiting to see how it does in a mid summer rain, I could see it getting a little calmy as mentioned in other reviews.