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but it had some strange bunching in the chest area. I am always ont he lookout for running jackets with a chest pocket (that way my phone doesnt' freeze on the cold days) I sized up (Im 5'3 120, but I have bigger shoulders) and I think it is made for someone with much bigger boobs than I have. It looked really strange.


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I can't stop raving about this shirt. I have tons of running shirts, but I actually decided to clear out all my other running shirts to justify filling up my entire running shirt drawer with Stoic Thrive shirts. It has a great long fit, so the shirt doesn't ride up under my running pack. The fabric stays so cool even on hot runs. The sleeves have a little bit of poof to them that somehow allows for better cooling as the air can flow through the shirt better. There's no seams to chafe your shoulders under a running pack. It's super flattering. It has a great little pocket on the sleeve that I actually use for gel blocks sometimes when I don't want to chomp down on the whole thing but I also don't want to have to dig into my pack for more. This little pocket could also be ideal for salt tabs. The coral color is gorgeous, as well as the black with its blue graphic.