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Most Eggcellent !
5 5

Turns your GoPro into a great camera now! Prior to this, one had to just point, shoot, and hope for the best - now you can see real-time what you are taking video of or a still picture. Additionally, using this, you do not have to scroll through the front mounted old-school menus - turns the LCD into a touch screen for waaaay easier menu setting, video playback, etc. I've tried the GoPro App on my iPhone, but the delay in Bluetooth transfer is like watching an old Godzilla movie :)
Comes with every single accessory back needed to convert all your existing covers (including underwater)


Werd !
5 5

These work very well! Totally awesome, last a long time, and repairable with regular vulcanizing patch/repair kits if need be ;)
Valve cores are removable, which make it nice to be able to use with deeper carbon rims. I like the fact that there is a 25mm version - as running 25mm tires pairs up well like pancakes and eggs :) Weight weenies say 76gms for the 23mm and 87gms respectively for the tubes. Compared to a Specialized Turbo Ultra Lite Tube in same valve length (cores not removable) and width - these are exactly the same weight +/- a gram or two - and unfortunately they retail for $17! So that said - get these, waaaaay better :)


Like the 4000-S - but a wee bit better
5 5

Fancy new boxes and some minimal weight reductions - ie: 400S was 219gm, and these SII's are 214gm (23mm) and respectively 224gm for the wider 25mm version. After >10 thousand miles worth of my 4000-S's being literally trouble free ;) , I am jumping in to try these new ones! My 'old' 4000-S turned in a respectable wear of about 1500 miles for the rear and 2000-2500 for the front's - solid. I know that these will get the same ;)


Faaaaaast tire
5 5

At 95 PSI on a Zipp 404 carbon front wheel, the 22mm profile makes this tire amazingly quick, yet subtle:) Glad to know each of the Force/Attack tire can be purchased separately a Competitive :) Out of the box, was 184gm - less than claimed weight, yet know this tire will hold up to minimal to no punctures;) Excellent !


live cramp free :)
5 5

After many a long 100+ mile rides and getting cramps, even though properly hydrated - I have found that these little dudes keep the cramps away! One/two pre-ride, then one/two every 30 miles - swig it down with your liquid of choice. Totally legit and highly recommended for those hot days or long ride days. Haven't noticed a change in my voice, any appendages changing size or shape - so no worries ;)


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