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3 5

Pretty marginal really. It fits a bit small and is a bit long, so It'll fit taller riders better. The zipper along the front is stiff so it puckers pretty badly unless you are standing bolt-upright.

The nice thing about the jersey is meshy panels under the arms, along the sides and there's even a patch of the meshy-stuff on the back, between the shoulder-blades.

And ol' George must be a bit insecure because every conceivable place there's room, HINCAPE is displayed, and if there isn't enough room for his last name then there's a giant "H". It's a little much. Expect some ribbing from fellow riders.

All in all, not a bad jersey, but I'd have been a lot happier with a Castelli or a Santini jersey (both which fit much better than this).


3 5

Overall, I do like these shorts, they have a great chamois and the cut is really great except for one minor detail.

They are cut really low around the belly. I suppose this is so you can perform quick nature breaks, but if you have any kind of belly this can be really uncomfortable. I really would rather have them come up just a bit higher and I'll be a bit uncomfortable for my nature break rather than feel like I'm getting saw'd in half while riding.

Also, because the short is lower in the front, the straps attach farther to each side. For me this causes the straps to dig into the front of my shoulders more than I'd like.