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I bought this jersey to go along with my bibs (

I purchased a L because the other jersey was too small in a medium. The Large in this jersey was way too big. I have t-shirts that are tighter than this jersey. The jersey was baggy. My arms didn't fill up the sleeves at all. If I were a body builder I would have been fine.

The quality and workmanship of the jersey is fine but I sent mine back because it didn't fit me. I'm 6'1" 180 lbs.


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This is the best tool I've purchased. It has everything I've ever needed in one sleek, compact design. Having this with me gives me the peace of mind that I can fix anything on my bike on the go.

Bottom line: I feel like MacGuyver with Duct Tape when I have this tool in tow.


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A customer wrote in with this review:

This pack is the perfect size for your normal everyday 2-3 hour ride. It carries a multi-tool, tire levers, a tube, and a pump (fits my Lezyne Mini Floor Pump). I can also stuff a few granola bars and my G-Form knee pads in there. All of this fits with a full 2L of water. There's also a sunglasses pocket that can carry an extra pair of glasses, a lens wipe, and your phone. It carries well and feels like nothing on your back when ripping down your favorite singletrack.I've definitely crashed a few times through some pretty rugged terrain and this pack has faired much better than my body. I still can't find any visible damage. Quite durable material.For all day rides when I want more water, first aid, a full lunch and weather protection, or when I'm carrying real armor and/or a full face, I use the Dakine Nomad pack.I'd give this product 5 stars, except the hydration nozzle on all Dakine packs suck. They snap off too easily, and while they can be put back on relatively easily, they tend to drip afterwards. You won't really lose any water, but your thigh might be little wet by the end of the ride. I haven't figured out how to put it back on in a way where it won't leak like this.


I wear this helmet for 90% of my mountain biking. It's my go-to for trails and XC. It's very light and comfortable.

I've had mine for two years and have never had a problem with it. After several hours of riding the helmet never irritates or feels heavy, even in the middle of the summer on a hot trail.

Get out and feel more comfortable in the Xar! Feel free to chat or call - ext. 4490. I'd love to talk more about the Xar!

Snazzy Brain Bucket


There are a plethora of reasons to explore the great outdoors, so just choose a reason and get out there—but please don’t leave any evidence that you were there. Over time, even small impacts can add up to a great deal of damage to the natural environment. Leave No Trace has identified seven principles for minimizing your impact on the wilderness: Plan Ahead and Prepare Every Boy Scout is supposed to be prepared. This motto means more than just having the right gear. Personally, I like to study maps. Finding a good topo map of the area is a key ingredient to [...]

Low-Impact Camping Principles