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Our son loves his Strider! He started on it at a little over 2 yrs old and is now 3.5 yrs old.

We chose this bike because it is metal. After reading about other brands (and initially liking the look/style of another brand), we decided against it as it was wood. Another reason we chose this bike is because of the versatile frame size; other brands smallest size was too big for son. After 1.5 yrs of use, I am confident that this bike will be fine for our second son as well.

Honestly, our son loves this bike. We take it to the park, to go camping, etc. I have even taken my son on a little over a mile mountain bike ride on an easy trail. As a solid Strider rider, he loves to ride places that have a slight incline, so he has a place to glide.

Yes, the handle bars turn 180 degrees (maybe even 360 degrees), and yes, he took some spills, but he always got back on the bike and learned his lesson (perhaps with a few tears... but hey, that is how we learn).

It has been easy to adjust both the seats and handle bar as he has grown.

My one piece of feedback for Strider is to push the chain stay wider, as my son's shoes rub against his tires when he glides which slows/stops him. Maybe that is a good thing... ?

Our Son Loves His Strider


4 5

Ortlieb sets the standard for bike touring gear. Construction is superb and it is totally waterproof.

While this bag is designed (and likely ideal) for touring, I use it for commuting. It carries a ton of stuff with space left over (I just use a single bag). It easily swallows my 15" laptop in a sleeve, change of clothes and lunch. All in all, it weighs about 20 lbs when full and it is solid.I love that this bag has one main compartment and that you can over stuff it. Very user friendly, versatile and accommodating.

The rack attachment system highly adjustable (very well thought out), so it should attach to any rack just fine. Once or twice the lower arm that holds the bottom of the back to the rack had enough give that the back would swing loose on inside turns... but the top was attached to my rack securely and it was at least partial user error for not getting the bottom attachment rack snugged up to the rack. Still, the bottom plastic arm could be a little thicker/stronger to avoid this. But all in all, very minor.

My biggest complaint is that this bag doesn't have more and better external pockets. It does have one front pocket which is okay, but not great. First the pocket width tapers, which is annoying. Second, the pocket doesn't have a zipper, but instead closes with tension from side straps when the bag is full. And when the bag is full, the pocket closes securely; when the bag is mostly empty, this pocket doesn't stay closed very well... if they don't want a zipper on this pocket, at least add a couple of snaps or a magnet or something to keep this thing closed.

Speaking of pockets, I wish this had more! Ideally they'd have them externally, but internally under the "hood" over the top would be cool too. There is no easy place to stash your wallet, phone, keys and other commuter essentials. I have the one front pocket full with my basic bike tools -- and due to the lack of a zipper, I just don't trust it to hold my wallet, keys or phone. There is a small mesh zipper pocket inside the bag with a thin paper/map holder, but these pockets/sleeves aren't that accessible when the bag is full and closed. And yes, Ortlieb sells an extra pocket I could attach to this (and I still may), but I don't trust myself to attach it correctly while keeping this bag waterproof. Plus, I'd like some small internal hooks to attach my laptop sleeve, but that is nit picky. In fairness to Ortlieb, this back was not designed for commuting; it was designed for touring. I am guessing for tours, the quick/easy access pockets aren't as necessary as they are for commuting.

And Ortlieb does make a commuter specific bag with lots of cool commuter friendly amenities, but that bag is just too small to accommodate a change of clothes plus lunch plus a computer (at least for me).

I'd definitely recommend this bag; especially for touring. Plus, now that I have this bag (set), it is one less excuse for putting off that bike tour I have always wanted to do!


4 5

Pros: I liked these pants. The material was nice, construction is typical SP quality, the look was nice. I didn't wear them on the bike, so I cannot comment on the waterproofness or the breathability. I like the ankle zips and the velcro on the calf to keep the pants out of the chain.

Cons: Sizing for me. These pants are too tall/thin for me. I am 5'6", and wear 34 waist/30 length pants. With spandex shorts on under these, they fit just about right; unfortunately, I bought them to bike commute and with jeans on under them, they were just too tight (I have muscular cycling thighs and these pants just didn't fit over jeans in the thigh/crotch area). Plus the medium inseam was already 2" too long (not a deal breaker in and of itself as the velcro on calf mitigates the length issue while on the bike). I didn't bother to try a large as the length would've just been waaay too long at that point. I think if you have a 32" waist or smaller, these rain pants would be fine to wear over jeans.

My last concern is that the zip-offs would bug me while riding (by rubbing/getting caught on my knees). I didn't actually ride with these on, so I can't comment either way.

If they made these in a size large with a shorter length, I'd likely buy them. They are way nicer than the $180 Pearl Izumi equivalent pants WxB Elite Convertables.

Also, I'd love to see them add a thigh vent with a waterproof zipper. Again, I didn't wear the pants (and you can unzip the them at the calf a little to vent), but vents are always good. I am always willing to give up a little on ease of zipper use and even the potential for a slight zipper leak in exchange for more venting with a waterproof zipper.


3 5

Seemed like decent shorts (maybe a little see through on the front? Not sure, maybe I am too modest?).

I didn't wear them on the bike as the length was too long for me. I am 5'6" and wear 34 waist/30 length pants and these shorts came down to my knee cap. I'd rather they stop at the bottom of my quad, an inch or so higher. Waist fit was fine.


5 5

You can find plenty of gushing reviews about this jacket if you google it, so I won't go too indepth here. It is spendy, but worth it.I got size M and am 5'6" with a 34" waist and wear a size 40 jacket and the fit is just right (maybe its a tad snug in the chest; plus the arms are a little long as I have short arms, but not a problem at all). I only wear a cycling shirt underneath; for my size, if I needed to add a a thick or insulating layer for really cold temps, I would have to size up to a Large. As is, when I have the pit zips zipped up (which is rare), the chest is a little snug.I am sold on eVent fabric, it breathes great. I tried both the mid level and a high end REI cycling jackets and returned both before coughing up the extra dough for this jacket. The mid-level REI jacket was some generic fabric and didn't breath. The high-end REI jacket (the Veritas?) was too thin for my shoulders/chest and didn't have pit zips.I live in the San Francisco area and the Elite 2.0 is great in a steady rain. My commute is 10 miles/30 min, so that is the longest I have used it so far (but am sure it is fine for many hours). I have worn the jacket in the low 40s with just a long sleeve thin jersey and was fine (I also have worn it in the low 40s with a short sleeve shirt and arm warmers which was also fine). Above 50 degrees, I just wear a short sleeve bike shirt.I almost always ride with the pit zips open, especially once I have warmed up after a 2-3 miles. With all the venting options, this jacket gets as close as is possible to keeping you dry in the rain, without getting too sweaty on the inside.The long back keeps my tail dry and the back pocket holds my helmet light battery just fine. The Napoleon pocket fits my HTV Evo phone (same size as the iPhone 4), but not much else.Highly recommended. Kudos to Showers Pass.


3 5

Pros: Nice beanie, just didn't fit. I select this beanie because the front panel was soft-shell to give it added water resistance. Good construction... I only used it a few times, but think it would last forever.

Cons: The hat was really deep. The circumference was fine (I wear a 7 3/8 size baseball cap, so I don't consider my head as size S/M, but that is what I bought. Even so, with the smaller size, I could have pulled this thing down below my chin -- the bucket of the hat is just too deep. To me, this was super annoying when I would ride, as the hat would keep pushing down; it felt like it was resting on my eyebrows. I liked the ear coverage/warmth, but this hat needs a cut out to come up over the brow (like the Pearl Izumi beanies). Plus, the bottom hem of this hat put a red ring mark across my forehead, which wasn't too cool in the office.

My use: I live in the San Francisco area. I wore this hat in Nov/Dec for days that were rainy and/or windy commuting about 30 min each way (10 miles). Temps ranged from low 40s to mid 50s (probably would take it off above that). Aside from the fit issues, the hat performed flawlessly: it was plenty warm while still being thin/lightweight. I wore it in light to moderate rain for up to 30 min and while it did soak through it a little (as the description states, it is water resistant; not waterproof), I was really happy with the level of water resistance that it provided.

Ultimately, I returned mine. Hopefully next model they change the depth (at least on the S/M size!) as it is a good, well thought out product.