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When I first got these shoes a year ago I hated them. They fit differently than I expected, they were bulkier than I expected. My first review reflected only how the shoe fit with my expectations, not actual performance.

I'm on my second pair. I've logged over 800 miles in this shoe so far and love it. It's a brilliant road shoe for when I'm not close enough to trails. The grip is like an f1 tire: smooth and sticky. The shoe showed no signs of breaking down after about 600 miles, despite me attempting to rip a hole in the top of the toe box.

Ironically, fit was my first complaint, but now it's my favorite attribute. The toe box is anatomically shaped. It fits comfortably, and hasn't blown out the sides of the shoe like every other inov8 i've owned (i'm on my 10th pair).

So in short, my apologies Road-x 255s, I love you.


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I was really hoping to love these shoes, but in the end they are merely adequate.

They are not minimal. I consider minimal shoes to have <9mm drop and under 9 ounces. These shoes are 10.5 ounces, but have a 9mm drop.

I was hoping that since they were invo8's, they would still be nimble and responsive. They aren't. They are clunky, solid, and burly. I imagine they would work well for 100 milers, but for anything less I would pick something else.

They are built well, and have a roomier toebox than other inov8 models. I imagine they will hold up well.

I did like how well these protected my feet on the super techy trails. The rubber toe cap and the rock plate really do their jobs.

Pros: great grip, good materials, comfy fit, toe guard
Cons: heavy, bulky, unresponsive


5 5

UPDATE: I just got to 500 miles with the shoes, and both shoes have blow-outs on both sides. I've been really hard on them, but i'm a little disappointed that they are breaking down so quickly. I plan on buying another pair though.

These bad boys are awesome. Flat out, hands down, freaking amazing. They are really lite, flexible, and sensitive. I've worn them on short runs to 50 milers. They work well on trails and roads.

If you want the specs, look at the website. Know that the show has a 6mm heel-toe-drop, it has minimal cushioning, no stability control. this is a fairly minimal shoe.

I've logged a lot of miles in the shoe, and it holds up really well. I put in about 400 miles, then ran a 50 miler and I noticed at the end that there was a little blow out around the toe box.

The grip is still in really good shape, despite it being sticky-rubber. I've logged about 250 miles on roads, so it doesn't wear out very quickly.


5 5

I know these things are expensive, basically $2 a shot. that's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But these babies are well worth it come race day.

I tested them out first on a 50k training run, and i noticed that i felt better than usual. I never really hit a physical or mental low. Of course that's not just because of roctane, but still...i was intrigued.

My final test was last week at the VCU 50 miler. It's a beast of a course with 10k feet of vert. I used roctane, chomps, and a few normal GU's. When I took a Roctane,within 10 minutes I could feel the difference. My brain was sharper and less fatigued.

The only thing i've noticed is that they seem to 'burn out' faster than the old GU's. I found that after about 30-40 minutes I had to take in something else. The race went well, I came in 4th.

I strongly believe that nutrition is one of the main reasons I ran well. Roctane isn't a magic pill, but it IS worth the money.

Buy it people!

oh yeah, most of the flavors taste ok. nothing amazing in my opinion.