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This fits awesome. The Chamois is extremely nice...very good quality. The bib straps are a little scratchy...more to follow after first wash and ride. It would be nice if it came with a bag like Xenon Sonic.

After a six hour ride, my nipples were raw. The chamois is awesome, straps are terrible. The red fabric is scratchy and not slick at all. This needs a complete redesign and is not on par with the design quality of the bib.


Unanswered Question

Specifically, what are the differences between this and the previous body paint bibs?

I would like to see a pic of the front portion of the Chamois to see if they fixed that seam problem...not sure why they didn't use a flat seam here. There is a V shape seam in the "junk area" that pressed into me on the initial body paint bib.

Has the edge of the Chamois been refined or is it still abrupt? See photo, this caused some irritation for me on the initial Body Paint version.

Specifically, what are the differences...

0 Answers

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1. This bib looks great. The laser cut fabric looks great.
2. Typical Castelli sizing problems. Medium was so tight that it pushed the V-shaped seam of the Chamios (not a flat seam) in front into my junk, causing serious irritation around 70 mile mark. The Large had extra room in the fabric around the chamois area resulting in some bunching and serious irritation around the edge of the chamois.
3. The Chamois has exposed thick edges all around and if the product doesn't fit you perfectly (between sizes) then you won't like it.
4. If the bib actually fit me correctly, I bet it would be great. Maybe the 2.0 will fix some if these issues. Obviously, everyone is not experiencing the same issues as me. For this price, I expect perfection--even at the 150 mile mark.
5. I returned the item for the Gore Xenon Sonic. The Gore Xenon Sonic has none of these problems. I will say the the Castelli Body Paint bib does look cooler, but I would rather finish the ride with no sores.
6. The red fabric strip on the front below the navel allows for minimal stretch. If you try to make a quick restroom stop in this bib, you'll find out why that's a problem.


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The Colpo actually was a little larger than the usual Castelli items. I agree with others regarding the lack of a consistent fit. The zipper on the Colpo failed on the 3rd use -- you've got to be kidding me. To make matters worse, this is the second jersey that the zipper has failed recently; the other was on first use! The plastic breaks apart from the actual zipper due to the metal being super thin and weak.


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This is a nicely constructed and very nice bag. The bag is too wide for me; it brushed my thighs when I'm standing up hammering and I find it distracting. I could tell after the first ride with this that I needed a different one. I'm looking for one similar to this, but narrower.