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For the most part I liked these but when things got really really bumpy (mind you my DH suspension is taking the hits) they would start sliding down right when I was thinking "Oh I really hope I don't crash right now cause these pads are totally in the wrong spot right now". When I tightened them down they felt like they were cutting off circulation. I also got the XL and they were just about right maybe a little on the tight side. I decided to go with a full elbow and forearm coverage after scraping up against a tree trunk on a really tight run (which these did no good). If you are wanting something that is just elbow these did pretty good.


3 5

I got these on the impression that others had about the Kyle Strait knee guards. They were comfy but they would slide down and the bottoms were too tight around my calf (made it hard to pull them up where they needed to be) and I got the XL. I was also disappointed with the build quality. They just didn't seem up to par on what I was looking for. I liked that they vented pretty good and the foam padding did feel comfy and allowed me to have full range of motion in my joint with no problem (other than slipping down past my knee so it would have been in the wrong spot in a crash doing me no good other than my shins).