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Bryan Rees

Bryan Rees

Bryan Rees

Bryan Reeswrote a review of on May 21, 2013

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I was looking for a few specifics in a heart rate monitor. I wanted GPS built in, Strava/computer compatibility, minimal pieces (i.e. no foot pod), and I was on a budget. The Forerunner 210 met and exceeded my desires in a running watch. Seriously, do your homework-or don't and just listen to me-you'll be hard pressed to find a watch with similar features in this price range.

If you're a data junky like I am, then you'll love how simply the 210 syncs with Strava. The only setback for some (was not an issue for me) may be that it does not show elevation gain while you're running. It DOES store it however and all of that data is viewable after your run in either the Garmin software or Strava.

A lot of reviews online complained about the connector/charger. I can see the nitpick here. It's a pretty silly design. However, I've had no problems yet charging or syncing the watch and it's pretty easy to tell if all four pins are correctly aligned. No complaints from me given how amazing everything else is on this watch.