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These tires as described are low profile and fast rolling. They have more volume then other race tires and the EXO sidewall gives it some extra strength in the sidewall. I've ripped through two small block 8s sidewalls in 2 months and haven't had a problem with these sidewalls. This is a popular tire in Utah.


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The first Honey Stinger Ginsting I had I almost threw up. But I had bought a box so I wasn't going to let them go to waste. On my second race with these I had become used to them and was able to put three down successfully. They do their job at preventing bonking and i like the taste a little better than Gu.

They are honey so they consistency is a little lighter than the Gu. Like most gels try and make sure you finish every last drop before you throw it in your pack or in your bike shorts or you will have honey all over your stuff.


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I have been trying several trail running shoes this summer for Xterra racing. Ive tried the Hoka, Merrell trail glove and the MT110. The MT110 shoes are my favorite for racing, they provide enough protection for running fast downhill while being incredibly light and fast. I like the Hokas for running long distance and steep trails but they dont feel fast enough to race a 10k in, I like the minimal feel of the trail glove but when the trail is rocky or really steep I prefer a little more protection. The MT110 is the perfect combination of a low rise minimal shoe with the right amount of underfoot protection that is lightweight.

I did get some blisters the first time i ran 10k in these so there is a break in period.