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Here's what others have to say...

3 5

For me they are a little narrow of a fit, but I've abused them for a season and they still hold onto a pedal. Some of the spikes have fallen off the bottom, but the upper is intact and functioning well. They are easy to take on and off with the buckles.


5 5

I wear these when I am pretending to be a roadie, or I'm racing. Just so I don't look like a complete beginner. I like them. They fit snug and best of all, they don't get hot. I wore them in a 94 mile ride in over 100 degree weather over the weekend, and never got uncomfortable.


3 5

Some reviewers say these pedals "pull out", and they do - but they are easy enough to adjust. I find them very easy to get into, except in mud and snow.


4 5

I already had one of these on my other bike, so when I got my new bike - I got this one. I like the weight, and the fact that it has a pressure gauge as part of it.

The only issue I have with it is that you have to thread the strap through a thin slit to reattach the pump after using it, and that can be a little tricky when you're pumped.