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5 5

A must-have if you want your efforts to show on the TT course. I like this helmet for it's light-weight and comfort. Needless to say it is fast and aero. This helmet has helped me achieve several TT wins this season.


5 5

I have now raced on this bike for the last month in Utah. It is a comfortable ride with enough stiffness to keep the handling sharp. I have used it for climbing, superb, feather light. I used it for our "Hell of the North" over a nasty section of dirt/gravel. It absorbed much of the difficulties on the road well. It is stiff enough for crits, light enough to climb. The position is a bit more relaxed than other more aggressive geometries. Out-of-the-box build is great. Ultegra throughout.

One of the best bikes for the money. One of the best frames I have been on period. I should also mention that I am coming from a custom titanium frame. No hiccups in getting the medium to fit perfectly. I am 5'10".

RealCyclist did a great job on customer service too.


5 5

I would 100% recommend the TRP CR950 carbon cantilevers. I feel they are superior to the TRP Eurox, as they have more toe-in adjustment based on the brake hardware. I also like them because they have good spring adjustment on each side, and are VERY easy to detach when pulling a wheel out of your frame/fork.
It is also easy to switch between brake pads for carbon and aluminum rims. It is much like road brakes in this dimension.


"Open" means that the "tubular" has been opened (unsewn) suggesting that this tire is a clincher. It seems that a RealCyclist expert needs to weigh in here to let us know whether this is the "open" pave or the true tubular. Judging by the price, it is the clincher. If this is the true tubular, I will buy all you have in stock at this price!
Open: http://www.vittoria.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12311&Itemid=116
Tubular: http://www.vittoria.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12312&Itemid=116