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3 5

It's a shame because almost everything about this jacket is superb. But the pockets just did not work for me. The side pockets extend toward your back instead of toward the front. If you are in a forward leaning riding position you are liable to have your pocket contents come falling out if you unzip them. In addition to that the size of the pockets weren't very generous.

If that is not important to you, then disregard. This jacket is excellent.


3 5

I want to start by saying that these gloves have the absolute best palm out of any i've ever owned. They're nice and thin (which I like), and the fit is outstanding. The stretchiness it offers is great for preventing the bunching up on the palm I've experienced with other brands/models.

These gloves breathe extremely well. The microfiber wipe feels great.

My big issue with this glove is durability. The mesh fabric began to fray on the fingers just after a few short weeks of moderate use.
Also, the rubber protectors on the back of the glove began to peel off as well. Looks like they're held on by some clear glue.

For most gloves I wouldn't dock 2 stars for these durability issues, but I have to consider the price of these gloves in tandem with that. For 40+ dollars....I want to know that these gloves will last me a long time and be able to handle any punishment. Although these haven't catastrophically failed or fallen completely apart...they haven't exactly inspired confidence either. I have other gloves that have held up extremely well (Fox Digit) to all kinds of abuse.

In Summary - I absolutely LOVE the feel of these gloves. Just wish they were a little more durable.


4 5

This glove does not excel in any one area, but I think it offers the best overall package out of the 4 sets of full-finger gloves I've owned.

These hold up well to some abuse and multiple trips through the washing machine.

They breathe surprisingly well. You wouldn't expect them to be as cool as they are just by inspecting them.

Fit is very good. No bunching or discomfort anywhere.

I wish these offered a terrycloth wipe for sweat. If they had that it would be the perfect glove for me.


3 5

This is the 4th pair of full-fingered gloves I've owned. There is a lot of ingenuity going on over there at Endura, but I feel the Singletrack gloves could use some improvements before they become my favorite.First, my likes: I love the terrycloth wipe along the side of the index finger. The wipe I think is a too-often-overlooked feature in a lot of MTB gloves. (unfortunately I've become so accustomed to other gloves having this on the thumb, that I usually wipe with my thumb first then go, "oh yeah"...) The aesthetic design is nice and simple. The velcro strap on the underside of wrist is a great touch so it doesn't bunch up on top. The velcro itself feels different than most - more heavy duty. You get the feeling that this velcro won't "fluff" as easily. And mostly - the glove overall is built tough. You get the feeling the very first time you try them on. You can feel that these will take all kinds of abuse and smile at it.What I don't like is unfortunately a deal-breaker for me. The leather on the palm. It bunches up right below where your fingers connect to your hand when you curl your fingers around the grips. It makes it uncomfortable. The best palm on a glove I've used is on the Giro Remedy. That glove suffers from other issues but that's all for a different time & review. Secondly - the breathability. These gloves aren't excessively hot, but they're not close to as breathable as Giro Remedies or Fox Digits.Overall, I think this is a GOOD product, but would love for Endura to work on the fit a little bit better.


4 5

These are excellent shorts! Amongst my very favorite. Magnetic pockets are great & easy! Plus it's always funny when you're putting your bike up on the top rack and then your pocket flaps stick to your car. You're not fumbling with velcro or snaps if you're riding and want to get a gel packet out of your pocket or something. The fit is excellent. Fabric is light and a bit stretchy. Comes with an attached sunglasses/goggle wipe which is an awesome added touch. Liner is very comfortable and breathable, and the chamois I think is completely underated. I have Assos bib shorts and these keep the taint & inner cheeks just as happy if not happier.

The ONE thing keeping this from 5 stars instead of 4 is this:
The previous year's model had this kind of top button that kind of slid/locked into place. So if you've got a belly and kind of hunch over and expand, it won't come undone. This year they went back to a regular snap. Loved the special button they had from the year before and wish they didn't get rid of it. Other than that, everything about this year's model is an improvement.