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I've always been a fan of the SRAM shifting, especially since they always had stiffer springs in them (something Shimano has remedied with the Shadow stuff) ... but the type 2 clutch takes it to the next level. I've ridden it about a month now and chain slap is pretty much gone away and chain is staying on the bike now. No more lost chains (I don't run anything chain guide wise). Woould love to put these on my DH bike just due to the lack of noise alone.

Awesome product! I actually stepped down from a X0 rear derr to the Type 2 X9 no regrets.


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First things first ... the rack does NOT include the integrated cable lock as described here! That is a NV Core locking kit which can be purchased separately for $39 ($35 on some sites) ... however BC doesn't have it. I was a bit disapointed to find that out when I ordered it since I was counting on having that. All that was offered was the option to return the rack. Would have been nice to get a slight discount to cover part of the NV Core locking kit which I've now purchased separately on a diff site.

Now onto the rack itself. I've owned several hitch type racks, most recently the Thule T2 which was my fave upto now. The Kuat is hands down the best rack I've used. The quick release cam for tilting the rack up/down and out of the way for the hitch to open is amazing. Much better and easier to use then the T2 which requires a pin be removed if you want access to your trunk with bikes on (it does have a quick release latch to flipping it up/down without bikes though).

The weight diff (~20lbs) is significant, esp on a type 1 hitch like mine. The weight and it's distribution also seems to make moving the rack up/down much simpler and smoother.

When folded up the rack comes right up against the car about 1" away in my case (Golf TDi) which is perfect. With the T2 I had to cut a bit of the front wheel tray to get it to fit.

The price diff between this and the Thule T2 with locks etc is about $40 ... and it's more than worth it in my opinion! Other than the order screw-up this is a fantastic rack! All the tools come included (and even with a beer bottle opener).

Note: listing has been change to reflect the fact that the cable lock was not included.

Awesome rack ... but wrong info.