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I installed this chain when I replaced some 7800 series parts (rear der., cassette). I kept my 7800 front derailleur and R700 compact crankset. Immediately upon pedaling with new setup I heard a repeating clunk in the area of the cassette. Mechanic inspected and found the master link was making the noise. Seemed not to go through rear derailleur sprockets cleanly. He replaced with Wipperman link and it is all fine. He later told me Shimano suspended the 7900 master link production. Check it out for yourselves.


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Thanks, Dave. You are absolutely correct. The lower back protection is definitely something to brag about and should make it into your product descriptions.I ordered a pair of the Sportives but had to return them as they were a bit on the narrow side, (or perhaps I am a bit on the wide side) particularly the sizing of the panels that extend up the front of the quad. The Gore sections in the Sportive don't seem to have a lot of stretch. I considered buying a size larger but meanwhile found a deal on the Gore Vista pad-less tights and love them. They seem less narrow, with an effective stretchy section. Regardless, I am a HUGE fan of Gore bike-wear, especially the chamois. I have tried bike shorts in everything from Pearl Izumi to Louis Garneau, Descente, Castelli, Craft, etc., etc. Congrats on a choice chamois (espec. the pink chamois in the Xenon short!!! Let me know if you need any beta-testers!

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Well made. Multiple panels conformed to my body quite well, though they seem a hair on the small and narrow side as compared to many other Castelli tights I've tried. Strangely, the thermal fleecy fabric is on the outer quad where the wind and elements would hit, while the windstopper fabric is on the inner quad. A few stars for extending the wind stopper fabric up the backside so that if you're riding without fenders you'll have a bit more protection there. I returned them in hopes of finding something with windstopper fabric in the correct place, as well as up the backside, with a chamois as comfortable as the Castelli Kiss.