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bought these liners for replacing caneri ones I used the past 2 years for mtb riding and winter riding with tights. I always had problems with pearl izumi chami. Found they haven't changes their stitching habits since 90's.

Rode 2 rides and felt price was a bargain on here. Bought 2 more. After about 20 rides start getting sore in area below (mtb riding). Since I move around alot mtb riding here in north east usa you get more fritchen.

They have a stitch right down the middle of the short liner and when it wear down from sweat the stitch digs into you and rubs like a rope. I get sore after 3 hour rides. Found if I wear short (descente) instead don't have problem so know it the design of these liners.

I wouldn't buy these again.


5 5

I got these shorts in large because they run small on waist size. My size was medium, but friend said go bigger. As for liner I had to sell them to friends, but bought other liners. These shorts are strong for durability and stitching. I like all the pockets they have to store stuff and side zippers help to vent air in summer.

I don't see much difference between this pair and singletrack shorts. Worth money to buy them at huck n roll since they put them on sale at a bargain price.