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With three seemingly very similar winter jacket options from De Marchi, I admit to some confusion about which to buy initially.

The 3-Season won out for its use of Schoeller's C-Change technology and the addition of a small zippered chest pocket. The fit proved to be this piece's undoing though; whether it is the cut or the fabric selection the jacket billows out in the stomach. While a wafer thin roadie I am not, I also don't pack around the paunch that this jacket appears to give me.

I returned the 3-season and swapped for the De Marchi Hardshell, a piece I am VERY happy with. My review of the hardshell is here:


4 5

De Marchi - The unsung hero of the cycling apparel world.

This Italian thoroughbred of thermal regulation is a nearly perfect weapon of choice for cold season riding. Fabric selection, killer fit, and minimalist styling are the loaded bases with this piece with competitive price delivering the grand-slam.

The Schoeller fabric works some serious "feel it to believe it" voodoo - retaining or dumping heat as needed throughout my ride. I'm rethinking how I layer for winter riding in Utah with this jacket; a solid base layer and the hardshell may be all I need on many days.

I'm 6'3 and 190 lbs, the XL proves to be a solid, tailored fit for me. I could probably wear a large in the body, but my long arms typically push me to XL to get the sleeve length I need. Styling definitely shares the stage with pieces from brands like Search & State, no beating you over the head with branding.

My sole complaint comes from the back pocket. Generously sized and accessible from either side of the back, the pocket would be perfect if I could get it open while wearing the jacket. The mesh that lines the pocket interior catches and jams the zippers frequently requiring that I remove the jacket completely to free the mechanism. I've docked a star for this unfortunate problem, but with a jersey underneath to carry whatever I need, it is hardly a deal breaker for me.

And while I'm convinced it's more for vanity than anything else, that snap collar is oh so good.

My go-to winter piece.


5 5

What could be said that hasn't already been complimented below?

In short, this stuff makes for the perfect introduction to what you've been missing in the world of cork bar tape. Color selection is superb (I went with Celeste, mandatory color selection for my Bianchi). Tape feels great under the hands and you get more than enough tape to do a solid wrap job.

If I'm paying for it, this is my go-to tape.


5 5

Who would have thought?

My biggest regret was waiting until the tail end of summer to pick one of these up. The jersey is fantastically light weight and breathes very well. For 90+ degree rides I have a hard time reaching for any other jersey now.

This is the first piece from Craft that I have owned. Construction seems right up there with best from other big name brands. Being very fair skinned, and echoing previous reviews, sunscreen under this thing is mandatory - it's that thin. If you're one to get self conscious when you kit up, this may not be the jersey for you as it is more or less see through.

But if staying cool is the priority, you really can't go wrong with this one.


5 5

I admittedly agonized over which OF mount to purchase for my Edge 510. So far, I am beyond happy with the BarFly 2.0.

Installation was beyond simple, though users should be careful when mounting to your handlebars - I imagine you could bend or break the plastic if you apply to much force.

Once installed, I've found it to be nothing short of perfect in use. The Garmin attaches with ease and feels 100% secure. The dual mounting positions on the BarFly seems elegant, but with the size of the Edge 510 only the front mounting point works.

Can't beat this bad boy for the price.


5 5

About says it all doesn't it?

The light is about the size of a cigarette light in your car (if your car still has one of those). The multiple light modes are handy and all seem to work very well. The light mounted easily to my seat post under my saddle bag and has stayed secure even on poorly maintained city roads.

The built in male USB plug makes charging a breeze - no need to remember where you put the cable. Charging port is well protected when the rear cap is on.


5 5

Small size, lightweight, and more than enough power make this a pretty ideal commuting light.

Construction is rugged and I have no doubts as to the weatherproofing. Charging port is covered by a tight sealing rubber cover (also, USB charging is rad). The beam is nicely focused and provides more than enough forward visibility while catching the attention of oncoming traffic.

Very solid purchase and worth the slightly higher price. Buy it once and enjoy it for years.


5 5

GORE was not messing around with this one. These are made for the coldest winter rides only - take these out on an early spring spin and your feet will be roasting.

But when the temps hit the 20s and below, these are one hell of an asset. Wind does not get through and interior insulation is left to do its job of keeping those pedaling digits toasty warm.

Reflective details are a nice touch, you can never be too visible on the road.