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If your completely put off by the fact it was not designed to hold a 100 ounce 3 liter bladder then I would recommend the Arcteryx Aerios 7 Daypack. The quality and attention to detail show in every seam of the pack. The Arcteryx staff tested the Source WXP 100 ounce 3 liter bladder in the Aerios 7, 10, and 14 and they all fit it perfectly. As a day pack or something to wear while on a bike I don't think it get's much better than that.

DAKINE is an American Outdoor Clothing Company founded in Hawaii. They have been in business since 1979 and are still coming up with better and better stuff each year. This particular bag was originally designed as a light weight biking backpack that could carry all of your essentials and nothing more. The company pushed to make this product no more than 8 liters to accomplish these goals. To adhere to the small lightweight design it is made to comfortably carry a 70 ounce 2 liter reservoir. I am sure you could push for a 100 ounce reservoir but you may have issues since you would be going outside of the initial design of the bag. Personally I would just carry a 2 liter reservoir and a 21 ounce or 40 ounce hydro flask vacuum bottle filled with several ice cubes and water. You can use the initial 2 liters during high output activities then when you stop, relish in the fact that you will have 21-40 ounces if ice cold water waiting on you regardless of how hot it is outside.

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Gone are days when your 10 miles into a trail run, you just hit your runners high and then suddenly you notice one or both of your shoes have become untied. Nothing brings progress to a halt like stopping. After tying your shoe laces it always feels harder to get back into the groove and it seems like your chasing what you felt before you stopped. When you put these shoes on and tighten them not only do they stay snug around your feet as a whole reducing friction, the cause of annoying blisters, they stay that way. These shoes in particular can be used for anything from backpacking for people that want a sturdy supportive breathable shoe that don't like boots to marathons. It is a shoe that looks good and performs even better. Salomon has cornered the shoe industry in my opinion and due to it's sheer innovation and manufacturing quality. For most people you will wear yourself out before these shoes do.