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Being a relatively new mountain biker, I just wanted to see how my older HardRock would look with a fender on. Being only seven dollars, the Topeak Defender seemed like a good choice. I was happy to see that this fender did not reach out annoyingly far because I ride on 26" wheels. The clamping mechanism has not yet failed and I've had it on for about two months, and my seat post is quite a bit skinnier than what I've seen fenders being applied to. It has extensions that I decided to put on both ends of the fender; they are very easy to put on and take off. Overall, it looks awesome, very inexpensive, and keeps water and dirt off of my clothes. Very nice product, well designed.

Just trying it out


4 5

I decided to get this package for the same reason everyone else probably did... because it is the one of the cheapest options (around $15 when I ordered mine). I love how the seat looks, it has a low profile look to it that pairs well with my older model HardRock. As far as the comfort of the seat, it is a little unforgiving with a firmer build which tends to make me a little sore after a long ride. I was less interested in the grips when I ordered because I already had some, however when I put them on my bike just to see how they fit, they turned out to fit fine and they offered a nice feel that didn't bother my hands, so I left them on.

Can't beat it for the price...


5 5

Being on a high schooler's budget, I basically just picked the cheapest helmet from a company with a good reputation. It fits great, as it goes out further than my ears, forehead, and reaches down to cradle the back of my head. And even with the great protection, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a huge and heavy helmet. All of the components are high quality- the button snaps for the visor come one and off with no problems and the straps click in and out easily, but stay put. Aesthetically, it is awesome, I ordered the matte black in a medium and it goes well with my black Specialized. The visor is a nice touch that blocks the sun especially during the early afternoon when the sun is right above me. Highly recommend it. I have yet to use it in the rain, but it claims to be an all-weather helmet, so I'm positive it will do just fine.

Great helmet