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3 5

This is a great packable jacket except for it's durability. I have had to re-sew it and just recently the zipper broke. Hoping I can find a tailor to replace it for a reasonable price. If you buy this get it on sale like I did, at full price the jacket is not worth it.


4 5

Great bike for the money, rides quietly and is quite comfortable; just right for a beater bike. Don't have to worry about leaving it unattended as much as my carbon fiber bikes, although I do lock it. The one front brake did not do it for me so I added and old caliber to the rear that I had hanging around and cut the drop bars into bullhorns with aero brake levers, much easier. to do a bike stand at red lights than with the brake setup that came with the bike. The stem that came with it had a slightly stripped thread which failed in a short time during the initial setup, again no problem had an old one to use. A little dismayed to find that the price has dropped a little since I purchased mine, but I can't complain since the wonderful people at Real cyclist shipped mine overnight delivery no charge due to some short of warehouse problem. Overall I would rate it a four and half stars, not five only because of the stripped thread on the stem. There are other single speeds out there for less money but the ones I have seen border on being junk the Hustle is a far better bike.