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I can't recommend these, unless you like the feeling of wearing cut off jeans, meaning the fabric has no give, the fit is snug in the hip/upper thigh, and it just doesn't move with the rider. They could be designed better, more anatomical. The velcro cuffs are an afterthought, there isn't nearly enough of it to snug them around the calves.

For now I'll stick to Ex Officio Amphi pants rolled up as my knickers. These are not intended for cycling, but their cut is perfect for it as the pleats in the front offer plenty of freedom for the legs, unlike the Zyme.


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I like this tool.... but I've tried 4 of these and each one has irregularities in the accuracy of the hex heads. Some fit very loose, rendering them as useless as a very used hex key. Some have been so tight I can't get it to even fit in. The box wrenches seem fine. Yes, it's for emergency use only and I don't expect it to wear like a shop tool. It should be accurate from new though. I use their AWS-1 also and it's dead on snug fitting. I contacted Park about this tool and they suggested sending it to them so they can measure it's accuracy and offer me another, as the do warranty their tools for the life of it.

If you get can get a good one, it's a very useful tool to carry.


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The Atmos would have been okay for me, but it seems Giro decided to leave out any pads on the top of the helmet. The postage stamp sized "excuse me" pad on the crown doesn't count. If the crown was smooth, it may not be an issue, but it's not.... so it digs into my skull in one place where the roc-loc attaches.

For reference, I use a Pneumo. I've also used the Ionos and Saros/Athlon, and even some of their lower-end helmets.... all of which have pads on the top of the helmet and feel great. It appears the Atmos is a bit of anomaly. Of the Giro's I've seen, the Atmos was the least well finished of them, meaning irregularities in the roc-loc attachment to the helmets, sloppy velcro attachments, and sharp points in the front of the Atmos. The technology may make it a high end helmet, but by the sloppy construction I'd think it was a $50 helmet.

The Ionos and Saros are both fine helmets. The Saros, which is noticeable more narrow in the width and outer profile than any of these helmets, is a nice new addition. I can't say I notice ventilation difference between any of these Giros despite the claims, as I am a human and not a test dummy.

To place a relative value on the Atmos, it's not worth it for myself. Everyone's different though, so try one.