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These are my first pair of bib shorts and I really like them! The fit is great, the braces of the bibs are comfortable, their is NO digging at the waistband and the leg length is good. I got the pair with the white band on the leg. If I did it again, I would get the ones without the white band- I should've known that generally the contrasting color on the leg opening makes it not quite as stretchy. But the compression on the leg opening is tight enough that they don't ride up too much.


3 5

The bibs fit great- leg length was long enough it didn't ride up, the braces for the bibs were comfortable. But the chamois was so wide it felt like I was wearing a diaper. It's possible that was related to the size of bibs I bought (XXL), and while on the bike, I didn't notice how wide it was. But once I got off the bike, I could tell the chamois wasn't snug up against my butt/lady bits- I could feel the chamois was sagging a bit. And with the bib shorts, there's only so much you can pull up in the back. So, even though they fit really well otherwise, I knew I'd be so self conscious walking around and decided to return them. If i don't have any luck with other shorts, I might try these again in a smaller size and see if that makes a difference.


5 5

These tights are fabulous. As someone prone to overheating, even in the coldest weather, I was worried they'd be too hot for me. However, even riding in 40+ weather, sweating up a storm, my lower half never felt too hot. After I took them off, I noticed that my legs were sweaty, but I never felt sweaty or hot while wearing them, even after I got home and was walking around the house before changing.

The only quibble is that the ankle grippers don't grip my ankles- they're very loose. But i never notice this when I ride- they are long enough that they go over my socks. I also imagine i could take them off over my shoes, if I needed to, but I've never gotten hot enough to have to do that.

As a bigger cyclist, the size is good and the waistband doesn't dig in at all.

I wear them over my bike shorts and they slide on well over the shorts.

These are great tights for a wide range of temps!