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Seems like these gloves should work better than they do- look great, but every time I have used them my hands have still gotten cold. they seem to cut the wind, but the fabric gets cold, and then chills your hand. Finger tips have seams so they are bulky, and don't allow you to use your hands without taking them off.


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I looks great. Its easy to use. The data fields are relevent and easy to read. The naviagtion is simple. And finally a Heart rate Moniter that is perfect for small wrists. I like it so much I have been using it as my everyday watch. I like how it breaks your workouts into time spent in zones, gives you a bar view as well as logged minutes view. The strap is the most comfortable, and you can unsnap the electronics, so washing becomes simple. It has a fabric feel, which is more comfortable than the typical rubber.